HMS Diamond ready for operations

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Dec 7, 2011.

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  2. Let's hope they don't find themselves in need of a CAP.
  3. Wah?

  4. Is this a use of Wah that I am unfamiliar with?
  5. T45 is an air defence platform, or have I just been doubled wah'ed?
  6. Some previous Royal Navy Air Defence platforms:
  7. If you will insist on painting 'bomb exit' on the side of your boat then you've got to expect problems.
  8. Tastefully done mate!! Google aster and T45 then reconsider!
  9. I'm sure the specification is very good indeed. Perhaps the US Navy will be operating it and doing away with all their Air to air capability.
  10. Well they have moved to having a mixed role airframe from having a specific ADV, but that's an aside, the pics you posted were from a AO, where we had air to air capability amd still took loses. T45 is unproven but light years ahead of what we had then.
  11. We had a frankly rather lame air to air capability. The capability from ten years earlier would have been rather more effective in that war, it included AEW and supersonic interceptors for a start.

    Is T45 light years ahead or just 30 years ahead? The rest of the world has moved on too.
  12. Has the missile been proven in stressing tests against realitic supersonic targets or are we still relying on modelling?

    Don't bother, we know the answer to that one, and it's still a missile with basic design flaws. Too small a body diameter for starters and that imposes serious end game limitations including a small seeker and tiny warhead size.

    It's better than Sea Wolf as in its faster and has longer legs - the terminal dart is about the same size, and overall, less usefull than Sea Dart that has a secondary anti surface capability.

    We'd have been far better served going with Standard/ESSM instead of the political choice of the rather limited ASTER.
  13. It's still better than what our capability was.
  14. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    If you look at the causes of the damage in those photos you may learn that those essentially 1960s systems were not primarily to blame.

    Sheffield - radar switched off to facilitate satcomms. Incoming detected by eye, which was too late.

    Coventry - goalkeeper frigate wooded by Coventry, so therefore had to shut down Seawolf engagement.

    Glamorgan - cut corner after NGS shoot, lost bet. Nevertheless did manage to manoeuvre so as not to take the hit broadside on.