HMS Diamond exercises with her French counterpart

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 3, 2012.

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  2. Will the jolly jack tars be fraternising over pink gins in the pubs and clubs of some foreign port?
  3. More likely to be a glass or two of cheap red plonk.
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  4. I'd guess the French version is fitted with weapons though instead of concrete as I believe ours is . Makes you proud
  5. What do you mean concrete?
  6. They carry 8x Exocet launchers, and torpedo tubes (anti-sub ones I think) and have two 76mm guns mounted in an odd side by side config, as opposed to the single 114mm/4.5inch we have mounted in a sensible position.

    Same Sylver 50 launchers as us. And we have more space to put Harpoon and TLAM on - if we can ever convince the sun dodgers to let skimmers play with what is, for the moment, their own 'special' toy.
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  7. Ah, FS Forbin, already shot down a TBM and a Mach 3 ASM analogue has that one.
  8. Yes thats all well and good but how effective are they at engaging the dreaded mach 3 Cricket ball? :biggrin:
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  9. Only required for WIGS...
  10. We should inform the people at the Oxford English dictionary that "near identical" now means the same things "similar".
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  11. But why would we put expensive toys on floating fig 11s :)
    There are boats and there are targets.
    Pity are bots keep running into scotland :)
  12. Do they have pies, the French that is?
  13. The 76 super rapids are their CIWS and also have a fairly good pk against hairyplanes unlike our 45 that now has no anti air mode.

    Ze phrench however are developing a tres gucchi land attaque missile, SCALP N, variant of Storm Shadow, to drop into Sylver 70, and their FREMM frigates will get a land attaque caoability.