HMS Defender moves in to her new home

I like the MOD RSS. Their choice of wording can be quite ethereal.
I'm thinking of having a cernunnos rss feed, like faceache full of trivia no one needs to know.....

Cernunnos is having a dump...........
I'd join a cerrunnos RSS feed...then I'd pray for the day his fit, young lesbian lodger was unable to pay the rent, but had a solution.....oh wait, I've already missed that, all that's left will be 4 years of cerrunnos is scratching his balls, etc :(

(Ok, its time to fess up....I'm a small-timing Walter Mitty walt)
The Royal Navy's newest Type 45 destroyer, HMS Defender, sailed in to her new home at Her Majesty's Naval Base Portsmouth today
Where due to Defence cuts it is fitted for Jolly Sailors but not with, so will become a new artificial reef when then next round of cuts begins.
Superb work sir, I doff my hat to you....maybe I should disconnect from the Cerrunnos RSS feed as it's incapable of responding to audience feedback.

In edit: If Cerrunnos RSS wants to prove me wrong, perhaps he wants to get a fresh mug of coffee, and just as he's about to put it down, fumble the mug, so all the contents splash across said keyboard, most of the spaff rinsed off, keyboard u/s ( so remains of spaff never to be found or excused as sugar in coffee causing sticky keys ) rest of working day binned, due to "procuring" new keyboard.
Cernunnos RSS:

The boss's jack rich tea fingers have proved less than efficient for keyboard hygeine but the work is quite absorbing and strangely rewarding............

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