HMS Dauntless impresses in Atlantic exercise

Ministry of Defence said:
HMS Dauntless impressed the members of other navies during a multinational exercise in the Atlantic last week to practise improving security at sea.

That article is so mind-numbingly dull I can barely be bothered to comment, but I will just for the sake of it. A bunch of foreign Johnnies with zip in the way of boats of impressed by our big boat laden with hi tech gear, and presumably including lots of i-pods....well duh!

I'll bet the WW2 ARRSE thread has better RSS feeds:

"Royal Navy kicks the crap out of the Bismark"
"RN subs rip the Tirpitz a new one"
"Navy planes give the Wops a good kicking at Tarento"

Hey ho....

A Moroccan Navy boarding team leaves HMS Dauntless after boarding training with Royal Navy personnel, which included providing first aid to an injured foreign crew member, handling aggressive personnel and searching for weapons
iPods were banned then.


So can the Mods/COs explain what the Navy/RAF RSS Feed is actually doing on the ARMY rumour service?

I'm actually sick and tired of this crap popping up.

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