HMS Dauntless impresses in Atlantic exercise

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, May 2, 2012.

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  2. Thanks for that.....
  3. That article is so mind-numbingly dull I can barely be bothered to comment, but I will just for the sake of it. A bunch of foreign Johnnies with zip in the way of boats of impressed by our big boat laden with hi tech gear, and presumably including lots of i-pods....well duh!

    I'll bet the WW2 ARRSE thread has better RSS feeds:

    "Royal Navy kicks the crap out of the Bismark"
    "RN subs rip the Tirpitz a new one"
    "Navy planes give the Wops a good kicking at Tarento"

    Hey ho....

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  4. ARRSE 1946 would have been really interesting - "Can the Royal Navy really cope with only 23 aircraft carriers?" and "Army to be cut to just 35 Divisions!" would have been huge threads for a start.
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  5. I am glad that our new billion pound destroyer's impressed the navies of Gambia and Senegal though.

    Congratulations to everyone involved.
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  6. Don't dis the awesome naval power that is the Senagalese Navy!

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  7. :)

  8. iPods were banned then.
  9. So can the Mods/COs explain what the Navy/RAF RSS Feed is actually doing on the ARMY rumour service?

    I'm actually sick and tired of this crap popping up.
  10. Difficult to run aground in mid-Atlantic I suppose :)