HMS Daring visits Pearl Harbor

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by TheMadOracle, Jul 9, 2013.

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    PEARL HARBOR (July 8, 2013) The Royal Navy's newest Type 45 guided-missile destroyer HMS Daring (D32) pulls into Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam for a scheduled port visit. The Daring's deployment includes contributing to maritime security in the Asia Pacific, conducting science and technology trials and representing the United Kingdom in Exercise Bersama Lima, a training exercise. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Dustin W. Sisco/Released)
  2. Beauty.

    If you have followed twitter, you would know it sailed westwards via the Panama Canal to the Pacific. Good choice, given the tensions in Egypt.
  3. Yes, God forbid that the RN might put its newest, mostest capable warship into a tension zone such as Egypt. That's just asking for trouble!
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  4. If you're sailing to Hawaii, why would you choose to go the long way around ? Even the ship's cat could work that one out.
  5. You're assuming that they go no further West than Pearl. This is probably part of a larger trip to exercise with our Allies and potential customers - as such it will possible continue on towards India, the Gulf and the Med (on its homeward trip).
  6. That's really a job in the USN?
  7. Yup, just a renamed enlisted PAO. You don't have enlisted PAO people at MoD?
  8. I do hope it goes well for the ship's company. The Royal Navy does not have a good record when it comes to runs ashore in Hawaii. Here we see Captain Cook, on the RN's first recorded Hawaiian run, about to be eaten by his hosts after getting drunk and trying to nick the King's surfboard for a mess rabbit.

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  9. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Only 71 years late...
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  10. There is a line of thought that A_M was there the first time!
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  11. Which first time? The Japanese attack or Captain Cook's visit?
  12. It is disappointing to see that the hull already has the golf-ball dimpled effect, showing every rib and spar (?)

    I do realise that these days, the ships hull is primarily only to keep out the water.

    But - if not just for aesthetics - you might think that as anything short of all-out-warfare is going to involve small-arms (Horn of Africa/Somali pirates), that they would have constructed the hull of something a little more substantial than (apparently) Chinese-take-away-container grade aluminium!!

    I had hoped that they would have learnt from the previous series, but apparently not =-\\\\

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  13. Yup. Too many....
  14. Makes me wish Id joined the Navy.
  15. That's to allow for expansion when they activate the citadel and pressurise the ship to stop gas, fallout or garlic fumes from a passing French carrier leaking into the working spaces.

    100 psi means that nothing can get in but if some eejit opens an outside hatch, the entire crew will die of the bends.
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