HMS Daring becomes first Type 45 to pass through the Suez Canal

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 3, 2012.

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  2. The sound of everyone cheering is quite deafening.
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  3. Im impressed I've never taken a new car so far.
  4. Hardly new in the accepted sense; first steel was laid-down in March 2003. In comparison, your average jalopy would be down the scapyard by now.
  5. My word, a Royal Navy Ship passing through a canal dug for the use of ships, thats big that is!
  6. I think that the message is that we have an operational RN ship and it's at sea. The canal bit is an excuse to tell us.
  7. In their defence the 2 seaworthy elements of the RN are now at sea, what with Dauntless chugging its way to the Falklands
  8. Wait till the Islamist government shuts it to Kuffar governments. You'll see every developed nation goading Israel into invading again.
  9. We have two !!! Well turn me over and roger me senseless.
  10. I take it that is a local custom?
  11. I did edit it when I saw the eroor, thanks
  12. I didn't know HMS Victory had put to sea.

  13. Sorry 2 of the 3 sea worthy elements.
  14. You know what I will not even bother picking up the error in that post.
  15. Must be really proud that they didn't crash into the bridge or the banks. Just like the other 50 odd ships which pass through everyday?