HMS Coventry in HMS Tamar

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wm1965, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. Trying to annoy a matelot 'mate' I of mine came across this:
    All Of One Company (1980) - YouTube

    HMS Coventry underway from Portsmouth to (British) HK.

    25:35 onwards is very instructive.
  2. Cocked the SLR to show clear with the mag still on ???
  3. Proper Navy, no sign of todays floating pc youth club with its chubby lads and dykey bints moaning about they're rights and entitlements and being forced to go to sea.
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  4. Sobering really, when you think of the fate that would befall her a couple of years later in the South Atlantic.
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  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I seem to recall some ceremonial Guard mounts being done with mags on and showing clear with them on. Not done often and depending upon the RSM at the time!

    And the title has HMS Tamar in it, so I will recycle this thread instead of starting another on HMS TAMAR.

    A dredger working off Kowloon (Honkers) last year dredged up some bits of ship which are from HMS TAMAR which which was scuttled off shore Kowloon. There are people who see British Colonial History in Hong Kong as an aberration and would prefer to pretend that it never happened and now there are people in Honkers who are trying to deny that the ship on the bottom is HMS T.

    The history of HMS T is interesting and so is the article about the vessel, which has appeared in the South China Morning Post. Have a read:

    All about the ship that gave Hong Kong’s Tamar complex its name
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  7. @eodmatt I can see them one day juse sealing off both ends of the harbour and filling it in at some point. Not a huge engineering feat these days, especially given that they have reclaimed a lot so far, including beaching the old Tamar and basin.

    I shudder to think what else they may dredge up given what even I threw off the Bull's Nose!
  8. They also use a lot of dredged material to fill holes and smooth out the coastline. One area had several hundred UXO found after they had finished backfilling it. They also had a dredger f ucked when a 250lb bomb went off in its suction nose.

    I have mates in HK EOD and last year had a beer in their mess. It's so much like a R Navy mess I caught myself looking to put my beret on when we left.
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  9. Very interesting read. Thanks
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  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Two dits:

    In 1957 my ship went to Plover \Cove to do some exercises. Later the cove was dammed off to make a reservoir.
    Allegedly another ship went round there to play somewhat later and discovered that the dam was not on the chart.

    By 1966 the docks had been filled in and a fast road soared over the top. Allegedly (again) the RN had put the filing in of the docks to tender and the winner just put a sign up saying Tip Here. In Chinese of course.
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  11. @eodmatt Just did a rough measure on google earth- to connect S of Jordan road to the island- 1200m. Slightly east of Kai Tak 600m, and a bit further east- 1500m. All distance approx. Imagine what the land would be worth of dammed, drained and built up. i can see it happening at some point. Streetview makes it appear that they are building next to Kai Tak runway.