HMS Cornwall rescues hostages from pirates

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 16, 2011.

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  2. Hasn't it been scrapped yet?
  3. No, but she is getting the SDSR axe when she returns from deployment.
  4. Only two more months to go:
  5. Anyone got any pedaloes that can be painted grey?
  6. On a serious note, is there a link to the ships that remain in service beyond 2011 if any?
  7. HMS Belfast is awaiting a refit but it won't happen until the tender has been put out for the pedaloes.
  8. Go here on the RN website and delete:

    • Carriers: ARK ROYAL and INVINCIBLE (although ILLUSTRIOUS will only be around until 2014)
    • T22 Frigates: All of them
    • T42 Destroyers: MAN CHESTER and GLOUCESTER (although the remaining L1VERPOOL and YORK are due to go in 2012 and EDINBURGH in 2013)
    • Assault Ships: ALBION (only extended readiness but this has become the kiss of death of late)
    • Antarctic Patrol Ship: ENDURANCE (already written off after serious flood)
    • Mine Countermeasures Vessels: WALNEY (already gone).
    As for RFAs, delete LARGS BAY, BAYLEAF and FORT GEORGE.
  9. I wonder if perhaps it would be better if the RN had kept the drugs from interceptions, sold them, and used the money to mitigate against the cuts....