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HMS Cornwall rescues hostages from pirates


No, but she is getting the SDSR axe when she returns from deployment.
Hasn't it been scrapped yet?

Only two more months to go:
Hansard said:
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence (Lord Astor of Hever): My right honourable friend the Secretary of State for Defence (Liam Fox) has made the following Written Ministerial Statement...

...The White Paper also explained that four frigates would be withdrawn from service in 2011. These are the remaining Type 22 frigates HMS "Chatham", "Campbeltown", "Cumberland" and "Cornwall". "Chatham" will be withdrawn from service at the end of January 2011 and "Campbeltown" and "Cumberland" will follow on 1 April. HMS "Cornwall" will be withdrawn at the end of April once she has returned from her current operational deployment to the Indian Ocean.
On a serious note, is there a link to the ships that remain in service beyond 2011 if any?
On a serious note, is there a link to the ships that remain in service beyond 2011 if any?

Go here on the RN website and delete:

  • Carriers: ARK ROYAL and INVINCIBLE (although ILLUSTRIOUS will only be around until 2014)
  • T22 Frigates: All of them
  • T42 Destroyers: MAN CHESTER and GLOUCESTER (although the remaining L1VERPOOL and YORK are due to go in 2012 and EDINBURGH in 2013)
  • Assault Ships: ALBION (only extended readiness but this has become the kiss of death of late)
  • Antarctic Patrol Ship: ENDURANCE (already written off after serious flood)
  • Mine Countermeasures Vessels: WALNEY (already gone).


I wonder if perhaps it would be better if the RN had kept the drugs from interceptions, sold them, and used the money to mitigate against the cuts....

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