HMS Conqueror stole Russian towed sonar array

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Wordsmith, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Claims in the Telegraph today that Conqueror stole a Russian towed sonar array.

    HMS Conqueror’s biggest secret: a raid on Russia - Telegraph

    If true, very interesting...

  2. Would that be why they drag a few hapless trawlers under from time to time, like the French sardine murderer "Bugaled Breizh" , opportunist training perhaps?
  3. 2 miles of 3 inch thick cable into a fast-attack sub?
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  4. They probably binned the majority of it. If you have 2 miles of identical cable you only need a small sample.
  5. It won't all be identical though, will it.
  6. Perhaps to some but what happened to her log? This was a "rumour" (or possibly a trip to a location slightly more inshore?) from the early '80s and certainly within the sundodging community. It may have lost some impact with age but interesting nonetheless.

  7. I hear that they had pikey specialists in the crew, the main problem was burning all the insulation off it on the conning tower.
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  8. Can believe it -after all the sub would have had her own towed sonar array so she has the power to pull that weight of cable and will have the space, and her crew the skills, to stow it once got back on board.
    Not saying it was a piece of cake -but by no means impossible/unbelievable
  9. Or they could just 'Harry Black' it to the conning tower and......tow it? :)
  10. If they already knew how to manoeuvre into a blind spot to nick the array, what was the point in nicking it?

    Wouldn't this just tell the Soviets that their array was no good?
  11. Alternatively, somewhere near Murmansk there's a bitter old retired Soviet sailor or officer shouting "See! We didn't get p!ssed and drag it through shallow water, Court Martial my arrse".

    Or perhaps he's OC Counting Trees and Stacking Blankets in Salekhard, and has just made the final payment after being forced to buy an Array, Towed, Sonar from the QM.
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  12. ALL sonar arrays have blind spots. What NATO wanted to know was how good the system was at distance.......
  13. Some strange things end up on Mess walls...

    ...Belgrano lifebuoy, 2 miles of cable...
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