HMS Belfast mysteriously sunk

Christ! I saw the name of this thread and expected to see a picture with a couple of funnels sticking out of the water. Bit relieved really. Why the **** have they airbrushed her out of the picture. Idiots!!!
Complain to the Advertising Standards Authority.
If people saw it and reflected upon our naval past they might ask about the state of the navy today. And that would be embarrassing.
Alternatively they might want to visit the ship instead of the olympics.
Embaressed to have part of our history on show, but not too embaressed to ask the military for 6000 cheap security guards!

What about the Admiralty building? Surely if we can't have HMS Belfast then we can't have the organisation that had it built in the first place.

Next would be Downing Street!!! With any luck!
Wah Shield Down
The Shard
Wah Shield Up


Dang: need to be quicker with shield deployment.


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I had to laugh, some idiot had suggested that the pic was taken in 1999, so was it a stock photo?? Not with the Shard in the background it isn't!
Guy in my local has told me that in order to maintain the current Ships / Admirals ratio HMS Belfast has been secretly recommissioned and is currently sailing on the azure blue manned by a crew of press ganged old and bold .
What a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!
I'm up in arms and will write a strongly worded email to my MP, whoever that is.


Its there from the other end, maybe the cloaking device only works one way. Now that is cleaver
Cucking funts! Perhaps they'll ban white, heterosexual, Christian, able-bodied, 20-something males with jobs next, after all, we don't want to cause offence!
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