HMS Ark Royal R09


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Did one of the fly-boys miss the ship by about half a mile to the rear :? :wink:

sorry - aft :cry:
My first ship :( , thought it was huge until we tied up behind the Forrestal et al in Mayport. Looked like a flat top patrol boat then. In the 2 years I was on we only lost a couple of cabs and no aviation related deaths. Good record.

The plume at the back is probably a Larne (splash) target, not to be confused with tattooed splash targets seen frequently today :lol:

At 55,000 tons probably still shaving with her now.

RIP the Rusty Old Nine :cry:
R09 was Decommed in '78, when R07 came in!
On her last major refit Ark Royal was given a new flight deck. The old deck was cut into squares and used as hard targets by the Royal Armoured Corps on the Lulworth tank ranges.

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