HMRC: the Great Nellthorp Scandal

Wassat? says I to bloke I know who has the deep and abiding misfortune to be doing some IT work for HMRC.

"Oh they are all twerped up about it. Real shitstorm."

Oh yes:

Senior HMRC official sacked after sexual misconduct claims

‘Swearing and mocking colleagues seemed unremarkable’: HMRC workplace abuse revealed | Civil Service World

Former John Lewis personnel director Laura Whyte commissioned by HMRC’s executive committee to "investigate and report."

She “did not find any individual within HMRC who had confidence in the grievance process”.

Weren't expecting that. It must be really bad.

Then he steers me to this. Comments are great: allegations circulating of rape, extensive sexual abuse and date rape drugs, promoted his favourites, serial cover ups, two minions have also been suspended, one sacked for "enabling his actions". Was also on the Board of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust from 2007 until late 2017. When he just....left....

HMRC Is Shite: Mark Nellthorp - The Silence Will Fall When The Question Is Asked

No wonder they send me shitty letters.
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Some ugly allegations about HMRC sending "keep your gob shut" legal frighteners to "alleged victims" in attempt to keep them isolated.

Number of Journos appear to be all over this. Speculation that following his recent Knighthood Sir Jonathen Thompson (yes him) former PS at MoD may soon sail off to bigger and better things
Be interested to see which Journos go with this, and how deep.
Judging by the staff turnover in BoE/FCA/PRA I would suggest there are far wider problems within the CS.
The wife worked with and know's Rupert McNeil, who runs the CS people function. Always came across like a good bloke and someone who would get a grip of things, maybe that is why he was appointed in 2016 - big and long job to bring change to a dusty, fusty, behemoth like the CS.

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