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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Draft Dodger, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. Can i access my P45's for previous years through armynet (specifically 2008-09& 2009-10)?

    i've had tax dramas ever since mobilising at the end of 2008 for HERRICK 10 which resulted in me paying approx £2.5k back over the last year, thought i'd had it all sorted but now i've had a letter through saying HMRC have no P45's from the army for anything after Dec 2008 (this is when i mobilised).

    where can i track these down? the reason i ask about armynet is that due to never using it i cant remember my password (i could possibly guess at the memorable word) and i'm not sure if the answers to the personal questions are case sensitive or not but i cant seem to get past these.

    if i cant access them through armynet is it a case for chilwell, glasgow or my TA unit (which i've just left)?
  2. Don't you mean P60?
  3. i'm getting this second hand as my mrs opened the letter and said P45 (i've been thinking P60).

    P60 would make sense but do you get a P45 at the end of your mobilisation?
  4. its P45. what they've sent out is a record of my employment history
  5. P60 would make much more sense as it would show what you earned that year and what you paid in Tax. P45 would just tell you what you had earnt at the point that you left that employment.

    Thro, to be honest, I've not had a P45 from the army since finishing on H15.
  6. the more i think about it the more i reckon its just HMRC getting confused as i dont think you get a P45 once your mobilisation ends.

    tbh my tax has been screwed up since 2008 so every time i get a letter from them i get so angry i cant think straight. i'm getting my mrs to scan and email it to me so i can try and make sense of it now rather than wait 4 hours till i get home
  7. Sounds like: they think you left the armed forces in 2008.
  8. Personally I would ring them and have a chat. And you can see & print off P60's on ArmyNet
  9. actually it looks like they've got that as my start date (although i joined in 2003). just got off the phone with them and they reckon they owe me approx £450 (although the last guy didnt so its 2-1 in favour of me getting paid), the only thing holding up them doing a review is the fact that they havent received a P60 for 2011-12 from the MOD, so i now need to track that down.

    i think i might owe them £150 from tax on benefits in kind but at this point i'm losing track of it a bit (this all goes back to mobilising in 2008, at one point in 2009 i was paying NO tax, wtf!)
  10. cheers, i've emailed the armynet login support address so that i can try and get access so hopefully they can help me get access.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Phone the JPAChelpline (details in your payslip), explain the problem and they will post copies to you very quickly.
  12. cheers Duke, spoke to them today and i'll be getting the P60 next wk. the latest thinking is they owe me approx £500 and this is the last thing they need to do a review for last year (although i wont hold my breath as in the last wk we've gone from me owing them £1950, them owing me £300, me owing them £150 and now them owing me £450 although there is now some consistency on this).
  13. For a moment I thought the government was going to charge me to sit on the crapper.
  14. You are meant to be able to see them on Armynet. Seeing as you can't see your payslip half the time I would work up a plan B.
  15. HMRC should have had your 2011/12 PAYE earnings and tax details sent through by the Army by now anyway. Usually gets sent electronically in May or June and is then automatically loaded onto their database