HMRC Tax Code Error - War Pensions, SIP

You could photograph the reports and email them.
It would be about 50 gazillion MB. I do have a scanner, but I fear that they are less likely to open PDFs compared with a large brick of printed documents being delivered to their desk. There is also the other issue about them accepting medical reports electronically because of their own privacy and data management rules. I'll check with them.
@FPS. I don’t know if you are aware of another issue or even if there is anything that you can do about it.

Equinity Paymaster who pay both med discharge pension payments and AFCS GIP payments are lumping them together as a single payment. This is fine when it goes into the bank, but when they send the yearly payment they put it all on one line as a single payment under pension.

This is not only incorrect, but causes other issues as the GIP (being a compensation payment) is not taken into consideration for things like benefits.
Sorry this is a link - I know that some of you do not like them?

Being medically discharged whilst on an NRPS contract, I've been through the ringer with incorrect tax codes, exacerbated by receiving pensions for Reg, FTRS (FC) and NRPS. I've received over payment letters requesting I pay the supposed over payment back, several tax refunds and incorrect tax codes applied to my pensions.

Currently my NRPS pension is not tax exempt but HMRC seem to ensure I receive the correct level of tax relief (as far as I can see) but lay the blame on Equinity Paymaster for that. When I noticed it and contacted Equinity they said it was too onerous a task for them to apply the tax exemption to the correct pension. I actually blame veterans uk for this cock up because when working out my GIP they originally based it on the wrong pension and I had to tell them, at my detriment, about it. It seems Equinity aren't as able as veterans uk to rectify mistakes!

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