HMRC set a precedent for reservists living outside the EU.

What incentive is there to remain a tethered goat until 60 living outside the EU?

Edit: I note the author has been exempted from reserve service on the grounds of being "abroad/Unavailable".....unless he returns to UK.

I'm frankly suprised the MOD rolled over so quickly, given their ability to seek blood from a stone...
I think you have a point there, Fingers, and I am sure HMRC can see it too. It's a bit involved, and will probably have to be referred up their management chain. Not sure if you will get a reply with a decision within their Citizens Charter time limit. More likely you will get a brush off, so you need to keep at it. Have you asked anyone in SSAFA? They might have a name you can write to in HMRC who may prove knowledgeable and sympathetic. Good luck with that, as I am sure you are not the only one in that unfortunate position.

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