HMRC seem no longer to want to email anything to anyone ever

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Having been locked in mortal combat with HMRC staff over a long outstanding and non-trivial refund due to me, last week I sent some stiff letters of complaint to senior beings in HMRC and my MP.

    Had the desired effect and I was promised a full resolution by this morning. Nothing arrives.

    So I call up the direct line of the actually very helpful lady who has been tasked with sorting the mess out. It went like this:

    B: "Hello Nice Tax Lady, 'tis I Blogg, the bane of your life. Anything for me?

    NTL: "Yes, all sorted and we will be getting a cheque out to you for £XXXX early in the new year. Letter in the post."

    B: "A thousand thanks, NTL, but that sounds just a wee bit less than I worked out so could you bung a copy of said letter/schedules by email to me?

    NTL: "Errrrr no. New panic policy essentially means that we cannot send anything that contains personal information by electronic means even directly to you."

    B: "How about if I email you saying that I authorise you to do so entirely at my own risk?"

    NTL: "Have to speak to boss." pause "He says we can now do that only in exceptional circumstances. Sorry."

    WTF??? Somebody tell me this is complete b0llox: how can a Government Department that is about to FORCE huge numbers of people and businesses to file tax returns by electronic means only suddenly revert to snail mail only? 8O
  2. Its ok Blogg I've just checked my inbox , the e-mail from HMRC to you says....... (just kidding )

    Been down that route too , then the snail mail will take for ever and be wrong.

  3. I should be very, VERY, careful implying criticism of HM's Revenue & Customs - brainchild and predictably: shambles, of 'Mr. Bean'.

    The moderators on this site do not appreciate anti-'Bottler' posts.

    Remember, if you have 'run' the economy of Great Britain for ten years; and, have inherited the other top-job - you are not happy to receive the 'in-coming', despite most of it justifiably aimed at you.

    Posters: this nation is financially 'cream-crackered', 'cattle-trucked' if you prefer, and it is the one-eyed oik whose fault it is!!!!!!

    Get real Great Britain. Giving more to 'overseas development' (graft for fat semi-literate shites in Africa) than to the Armed Forces is cause for revolution!!!

    I am proud to be labelled an: 'Oxygen Thief' on a site has become a limp-wristed, apologetic excuse for the indefensible Labour government and their 'lackeys' the inexcusable Liberal-Democrats - exemplified by: 'Optical-Limp Dick'.
  4. Apologies to all as this isnt the NAAFI.

    STFU Isquared you useless weasel.
  5. If they have done the same as the MOD and sacked the clerks to pay for the IT, no-one will know how to send snail mail and then file and archive copies of the correspondence.

    This will be very interesting!

    I hope they still accept electronic filing of tax returns otherwise I am up a creek without a paddle!