HMRC lawyer forced to swear an oath by Public Accounts Committee

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pyianno, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - HMRC top lawyer forced to swear oath in Parliament

    He and his Civil Serpent colleagues have been evading questions for months about cosy deals done with big business to let them off of their tax bills (Private Eye have been covering this for many many months now).

    The video is hilarious - Public Accounts Committee have finally lost patience and force him to swear an oath.

    About time Select Committees grew some balls.
  2. Pedantic I know but in the context of another thread about "Declining typo/journo standards" I rest me case.
    Anyhow, is that the geezer that let Vodaphone of X Millions whilst working at HMRC as the main man, negotiated them a great deal and then upon retirement got a job in accountancy
    Surely not?
    I've just watched a programme called "Greek for a week" which I thought was a documentary about the 1% of schmucks there that pay tax, dodgy dealing and retiring at 42 and am now wondering to meself if it was really set here and not there.
    If only I had paid attention at maths.................
    Chilli sauce with that?

  3. Just watched it to see that harridan Margaret Hodge as the alleged chair, and all me sympathy has now gone to the man from HMRC that now works for Vodaphone, apparently. What an old fish-wife.
    Members of the committee, supposedly now a court, some in in shirt-sleeves and even allowing the suspect, sorry witness to swear his evidence on oath and sitting down.
    Standards on display to the UK taxpayer thus far obviously indicate where this enquiry is all going - down the crapper.
    Compare this to other recent enquiries, talk about going through the motions.................................
  4. It was Dave Harnett who (allegedly) cut a sweet deal with Vodafone for the non-pay of £6bn of tax liability. He hasn't retired I don't think - to my knowledge he is still a Civil Servant, is still cutting tax deals with big business in exchange for hospitality (allegedly) and is still refusing to answer questions.

    Every time he is asked about one of his dodgy deals he says he simply can't talk about it, owing to "tax payer confidentiality".
  5. With the hateful Hodge asking the questions, I am sided firmly with the Revenue lawyer. Hodge is dreadful; a harridan in the Premier Division of Harridans. Together with Hain and Harman she represents all that is vomit-inducing in the Labour. Who is the over-weight oaf smirking at the end of the tape? Are we really 'governed' by repellent types such as these - governed by Brussels of course but translated into English by this collection of clowns.

    If Hodge is so concerned by the state of 'Public Accounts', why has she not forced the failed oaf Brown to appear before the Standing Committee to explain his misuse of trillions of pounds during his sad reign of ineptitude over thirteen miserable years? Whilst she was at it, she could explain her ownpart in the financial shambles that was the last Labour Government!
  6. We are only talking about £8bn.We can afford to write that off surely?
  7. And that is why this country is in the shit. People would quite happily let Vodaphone off a £6b tax bill because they don't like the chair of the investigating committee.

    In my view, if she recovers lost revenue and stops further cases of 'deals' then she has gone a long way towards atoning for past sins.
  8. Couldn't get the video download, anyway, I thought once in Parliarment everything was 'on oath', to be found otherwise was immediate contempt of parliarment which is worse than commiting murder, supposedly.
  9. That makes the £10,000,000 that this story was actually about peanuts, how the hell can you let off a blue chip company with that much tax....if you where owing the tax man they wouldn't waver it not a chance......joe public is not going to take much more of this double standards which is going on in the UK. Shocking.
  10. Shocking you say? have a look at this!
    UK National Debt Clock - No-nonsense Guide to Britain's Debt Crisis
  11. Quite right. Hate the victim - in this case the taxpayer but represented by the odious Hodge - and you free.
  12. For £6b she could flog me with a stick of rhubarb and stretch me on the wrack (provided she used the soft fluffy pink manacles), even if she is an archmunter.
  13. She'd probably go for that. After all it would go on expenses.
  14. I'd rather not as It's nearly my lunchtime....don't forget Cameron's catch phrase, we are all in it together, easlily said when he's got over £17,000,000 in the bank reportedly. Glad I'm a Non UK this grips my shit enough as it is.
  15. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    And HMRC have the gall to pester private individuals for overlooked £400 PAYE errors of HMRC's own making when they are letting big firms off in billions.