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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuggerAll, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I received a letter recently from HMRC saying that they owe a me £1500 rebate for TY 05/06 but they are not paying it because they are working out 06/07 and waiting to see if I owe them money so they can offset the £1,500.

    A couple of days later I got a copy of the same letter which had been sent to my bank and which they forwarded to me.

    This letter contained my current tax details and the 05/06 rebate. The bank did not know why it was sent to them.

    I contacted HMRC by telephone to complain. Initially their response was that the bank is the authorised payee for my tax rebate and therefore it is my agent and therefore needs to be sent my tax details.

    I told them that I do not accept that and was told to complain in writing, which I have done. I've also complained that they are withholding money that they owe me - my money - against a possible future debt which in fact does not exist because I overpaid in 06/07 and they owe me money for that as well which i have claimed and am waiting for.

    As yet - 2 weeks - I have not had a response from them.

    I don't believe that releasing this information to the bank is a threat to my security because the bank could probably have worked it out for themselves anyway, but I am concerned about HMRC's cavalier attitude to data protection, who else are they releasing information to? I only know about the bank because the bank sent the letters on to me.
  2. I've got a couple of disks you can have!
  3. ;) LoL, you could e-mail employees of HMRC with embedded youTube videos and crash their system in revenge...
  4. It might also be worth you taking five minutes to make a complaint against them with the Information Commissioner's Office since they're the chaps that regulate matters such as the Data Protection Act 1998. Might concentrate HM Revenue & Customs minds somewhat if they know you've lodged a formal complaint with them.
  5. Try owing them money, suddenly they appear much less cavalier

    Having said that I seem to get a small overpayment check every year, with the wrong payee details on, this gets sent back with a request to change it or just take it of my tax owed, they don't like this for some reason. Too much effort probably
  6. One ma pals works in HMRC within Tax team and he says answer is,

    If HMRC owe you money get a Solicitor to send them a letter explaining they have 7working day to make payment or you will have to pass this debt onto a Debt Management Company.


    File a claim with Small Claims Courts.

    He says most the time HMRC will just pay you. As they know they are in the wrong.
  7. And of course we all know what happens however if you owe them money. Dead for twenty years? No excuse, dig up his corpse and get him working.
  8. Absolutely correct. However I believe I am correct in saying that ICO has never taken significant action against another government department. Even when the lost disks fiasco occurred, no formal action was taken.

    ICO's attitude is that they don't have the resources to go after large organisations with money to defend themselves so they stick to prosecuting 9 or 10 individuals or very small businesses each year.