HMRC binning letters and ignoring mistakes to meet targets



If my own experiences are anything to go by even if letters do get into the system more likley than not initially dealt with by numpties who appears to have little understanding of what they are doing and just want to make it all go away or get you off the phone.

Their key skill appears to be to send yet another form for you to fill in (even if you have filled it in three times) because they hold no paper files & all the vast backlog of mail was stacked up in archive boxes so they cannot find what I had sent before. Clever, eh?

When I did find an intelligent life form after numerous letters of complaint (the last copied to my MP) it took her 10 minutes to go through all the copies stuff I had sent, sort out something very simple that had baffled others for nearly a year and get a repayment organised.

Six months AFTER I got my repayment I received another letter responding to one I had sent just under 12 months before asking me to, yes, fill in yet another form. Clearly somebody was working through a huge paper backlog without checking if the matter had already been dealt with. Brilliant.


Funny you post this as I am going through the same problems at the moment with HMRC. Unfortunately my other half is getting all the grief as I am in a hot sandy place at present.

My accountant, for I am indeed a rich MOD contractor, has sent numerous letters of complaint over the last month which has now resulted in a letter from HMRC informing me that I owe a three figure sum from 2001 to 2002 tax year, when I was in fact earning less than they are claiming I owe.

Maybe this article explains a few things .

About 20 years I was installing new lift rails in the office in Cardiff, useing rope to save money. Well at the bottom of the lift shaft there were thousands of envelpes all stamped addressed and unpoened

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