HMP Service

If reports are to be believed, then apparently the screws at HMP Birmingham are to call the cons by their christian names. Apparently they should also knock on their cell doors before entering.

Am i missing the point here?

Do your time for a crime you (didn't) commit and get a Butlins package at the tax payers expense. Anyone for sky tv/ broadband and 3 square meals a day. It's better than Z type and they don't have PAYD to live with.

The world truly has gone mad.

PC my arrse!!!!!!!!!!!
It's on teletext page 317 i'm afraid, i was checking up on the current news when it caught my eye. It's still there as of this post.
Old news, this has been policy since Martin Neary the previous DG made it policy along with the Inspector of Prisons..... something like 10 years ago? most staff have always called their charges by there first name especially those in life sentence units/wings.
It neither detracts nor effects the running of prisons.....over crowding, underfunding, lack of training, lack of staff and constant reorganisation does.....

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