HMP Maghaberry - deja vu

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HHH, May 26, 2011.

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  1. HHH

    HHH LE

  2. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Simple let them do whatever they want to the interior of their cells. Get them all out, swap them all around and put them back.
    See how long it lasts. P.O.s should also have a nice little tick sheet on the door showing how many times they've asked nicely for the inmates to step outside so their cells can be cleaned.
    Then again......who cleans up after them, it will give the car thieves and drug scrotes something to do.
  3. I don't get the whole dirty protest thing, if they want to live in a shithole (literally) why should we care? It's not like it's the screws that are smearing shit all over the walls.
  4. If the new breed are anything like the older mob, having searched plenty of their houses they pretty much lived like that at home too!

    I'm all for skid2's plan of ask them nicely to play the game then swap them round and see how they like sitting in someone elses shit. I'd even offer to send some of mine for them to play in plus I get to pick plenty up from the dogs in the garden I'll pop it in a jiffy bag for them.

    The Dirty Feckers!!!!!!!!!!
  5. open the hatch nossle of firehose into hatch, full pressure and let them sit soaking wet in filth, repeat till they ask to leave cell
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  6. Get them on parade. Drive a tractor towing a slurry trailer past them. Engage PTO. Then herd them back to their cells. Repeat daily.
  7. Green rubber suit...jetwash..loads more pay, bring it on, well that used to work.
  8. in the recent program on strangeways they had that mong doing a dirtyprotest, 4 screws in the white noddy suits had to clean his cell (IIRC) while he was put in another cell to **** up
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  9. I'd imagine that somewhere in the European human-rights convention there's a clause that allows - nay encourages such displays of ethnicity.
  10. They've been on a dirty protest for at least a week now. **** the dirty protest, I wanna know when we, get to write new songs about hunger strikers.....hurry up and starve yerselves, ya stinking bastards.

    Would ya like a pastie supper, Colin Duffy.... it'll do for now.
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