HMP attitude to T.A.?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Macgyver, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Ive just accepted a job as a Prison Officer for HMP. Is there anyone here who currently works for HMP and is also a member of the T.A. as id like to know what the general attitude is for time off etc.


  2. If your in the TA already its fine, but joining while in can be a problem, met a couple of HMP guys on Telic 4 who were serving in the TA while we were out there as Prison Staff.

    In the main its ok as long as it does not impact on your work.
  3. I knew a bloke that became a prisoner, he had to leave the TA!
  4. Unless the rules have changed very recently it was always.

    Prison officer - Retained proffesion, so unable to join T.A.
    Operational support grade (osg)- Able to serve.
    Admin grade - Able to serve.

    If you are unable to find the difinitive answer pm me and I will dig around for you.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    One of my Bdrs is a prison officer and another one was until he joined BTP.

    The best thing to do is ask HR for their policy on TA service.

  6. a member of my platoon whilst on Telic 8 is a serving prison officer and was on his 2nd tour in 5 years. He said he had never had any problem being TA and working for HMP.
  7. Liked em young by any chance?
  8. A couple of HMP guys were on Telic 3 serving with the Military Provost Staff. Both were from different nicks and the policy and support were worlds apart. The guy from the north had no problems and good support, but the guy in the south had loads of problems which eventually lead to him resigning and applying for reinstatement after his tour at a different nick. Neither had any problems before or since putting in their 19 day minimum but then again the MPS are very, very flexible on time and dates.
    It seems to depend on region to region, nick to nick on how they apply policy.
  9. Quite a few across this side of the shuck.

    Doesn't seem to be any dramas. One regularly receives holiday pay off the back of his duties.
  10. Hello Again I'm back,

    Dust off me boots, keychain rusty and looking forward to Christmas off, a drunken New Year, then back on the landings!!!!!

    Two tours in the last four years, amounting to two years and one month total mobilised service. My nick have been superb, but I think it depends on your Governor and relationship with him or her.

    I have received nothing but support from all at my large London local. I also worked with a few HMP staff in Iraq who were mobilised, as well as some working for the Service out there. Also know of one bloke who was out in Afghan at the same time as myself.

    The Prison Service no longer has reserved occupation status. In fact it hasn't since 2001.

    Be aware though that shift work and a TA career can be difficult to manage. If you are single no problem, but Mrs McKay and the little McKays have different ideas.

  11. Your Mess Dress still fits you, as well.

  13. I applied for a temporary (6 months) admin job in the prison service and was told I would have to leave the TA at the interview. It took them 3 months to reply to my CV which seemed strange as they were looking for someone to start immediately. They said they would tell me yea or nay within a week. Never heard back from them. Bit of a shower really. I was the first person they had interviewed apparently.

    As I was between jobs the TA was my only source of income and it seemed a bit strange to sack it when in 6 months I might be in the same position.

    The pay they were offering was a bit poo as well but I was desperate.
  14. Mr McKay, were you the gallant Colour sgt who I met in the airport cookhouse on telic 4
  15. Dante

    Yes that was me. Although gallant is probably stretching it a bit.