Just remember this......

1218 BST: Andrew Robathan accuses John Prescott of criticising the armed forces.

But Mr Blair says Labour is backing the armed forces by not cutting defence spending.

02/07/03 Prime Ministers question time


War Hero
hahahaha - is this like his statements about having "full confidence in esteemed cabinet colleague"  who then gets sacked.


the question is

"is he haveing a go at us?

or the role we are employed in?

or the way we are tasked to complete that role?"


El Gringo

As ever, Mr Bliar is being disengienous.  You have to have the memory of politician not to remember the fact that the defence budget is now (even after its much trumpeted increase last year) less than when Labour came into power in 97.  

And speaking of facts, here are a few more.

Fact 1- Even the Labour last but one Chief of Staff gave Tone a good slagging at his last day at the office.

Fact 2 - the next Chief of Staff 'resigned early' after numerous well reported fall outs with a Geoff Buffoon b. Tone B Liar and C. much of the rest of the government (isn't there some other term we could give that useless bunch of f*&ckwits who call themselves the government?  Oops, I just did!)

Fact 3 - 2 Jags called soldiers 'Boneheads'  (Pot calling Kettle?)

Fact 4 - When 2 Jags was reminded by Mr Rabothan that he shouldn't use his mobile phone in a the MP's Tea Room (a no mobile area), 2 Jags replied 'You're not in the Sgts Mess now, F*&k off!'  (Witty repartee indeed!)

Fact 5 - 2 Jags is well known for his hypocrisy (everyone should make use of buses - except me!), an  ability to talk with his fists and having the intellectual capacity of a retarded goldfish. (See facts 3 and 4)

Speculation - might it be that he (2 Jags, not B Liar) once wished to become a soldier, but lacked the ability or discipline to do so, became a ships steward, then a union steward, then a politician?

Fact 6 - all the listed employments are known to require little ability other than to talk sh1te and kiss a55 - qualities which are abundant in 2 Jags (and many others in his party!) ;D ;D


Just remember this......

1218 BST: Andrew Robathan accuses John Prescott of criticising the armed forces.

But Mr Blair says Labour is backing the armed forces by not cutting defence spending.

02/07/03 Prime Ministers question time

PTP - did you get this quote from Hansard?
BBC report on the last Prime Ministers question time

Actually, you're right, best get a Hansard quote to see what was actually said  :-/
Actually, I don't need to look it up

A Wiltshire MP has confirmed that RAF Lyneham is to close.

Tony Blair visited the base during the recent Iraq conflict, and said in May: "I accept and understand the very important role that it has played in previous conflicts and, I have no doubt at all, will play in future conflicts, too."

Condolences to our Light Blue Bretheren, you must be gutted....

Lyneham is closing in 9 years time according to radio 4.

Plenty of water waits to flow under the bridge before then.

And plenty of new wars.

I bet it doesn't happen.


El Gringo

Ref RAF Lyneham, I don't know what all the fuss is about.  The RAF and various Army units have known about this proposal for some time.  

For the RAF it is the usual putting more people in one place reduces costs theory - less administration, less different postings, less estate to maintain.

For the Army, the chance of acquiring a very large and well equipped facility like Lyneham, which is right next to the major airhead in the country, is 30 mins from SPTA and only an hour or so drive away from Marchwood, the attractions are obvious.  (OK, so to the personnel based there it is just another unit in the middle of nowhere - obvious drawbacks for the singlies there.  But if you can't take a joke, you shouldn't have joined!)

I find myself in the unusual position of thinking the MOD have actually got this one right!


Good point there. I can think of at least one gunner regiment who might well be looking for more space once they get re-roled with an expensive new piece of flying procurement bunfight.... apparently the CO has already put 2 & 2 together and the manoeuvring is on..!  8)
I live fairly near Lyneham and I can tell you, we've got some of the best pubs, the most beautiful walking country, Brecon Beacons 2 hours one way, London 2 hours the other - and the best looking women......... ;D

you could do a lot worse than Lyneham!!
Lyneham is a swamp, full of unhappy memories

1. Being arsed around by muppet crabs who don't know thier arses from thier elbows

2. Constant on the bus off the bus

3. A place that reminds you that you are about to be separated from your family and loved ones for a lengthy period of time, or if single that your chances of being slotted are dramatically increased, as you are going to a very grim place.

4. The transit accomodation sucks and the NAAFI is 500 miles from the above pants accomodation.

I have never ever had a pleasant or hassle free trip through Lyneham and I hope they level the place with all its staff inside

Rant Off!
ORGy, it's got a lot better in the last couple of years......... ;) ;D

Actually MDN, now you come to mention it, I've had a few tearful moments looking wistfully through the chicken wire...........but look on the bright side, at least that will only happen at Brize now! ::)

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