Hmm??? Where to put this one... home delivery.

No, not your seedy offers from the back of The Sun; although that's what got us into this mess.

Just delivered my first born at home whilst on the phone to a midwife. Little Miss FBG weighed in at an eye watering 9lb 6oz and all is well for her and her mother. Although I'm already a step dad, this was something special.

Anyway, couldn't find the "what's it like to be a dad" thread and didn't know where to put it. Move it, delete it, or just comment on it. I'm just busy telling everybody.

Cheers, I'm going to have a few brandy's.
Congratulations! steady with the brandy though- there'll be plenty of sober work for you this evening and through the night and the next day and night....!
Well done daddy :D
You delivered your first born at home whilst on the phone to the midwife eh?

Don't you mean your wife delivered the baby while you chatted up the midwife?

Good lad!

Well done Sir! (And Mrs FBG of course)

Now start saving for the university fees
Hi FBG Well Done!!!!!!! I was made to feel that I had 'delivered' both my girls at RAF Wroughton. The system at the time quite decerningly left us to get on with it. Very well judged. It was a phenominal experience and to this day 30 + years laters I recall every single millisecond of my two girls births. There's a bond there mister which will follow you to your grave.

Well done to you both. You have a point though, I does 'hit' us (male) as a Dad and it's never to be forgotten. Again I say well done to you both!!!!!!!!!
Left on your own? Good effort. Very scary stuff, I know. The paramedics turned up after the head was out. Then it was me, my wife, and one of the medics. They were brilliant. Absolutely top class. So too was the midwife who missed all the action by about 10 minutes.

I'm not going to go too much into it but the feeling is great. So proud of myself and my wife. My son was a star too. Handled it like a man.
Well done. You've had a trying day, all said and done, and now you need a rest.

Get your feet up, put the DVD on and get that lazy missus of yours to lay on a plate of sarnies and some tea. After all, she's been on her back all day.

Seriously though, congrats to the both of you.
Thats top news fella,

Well done to you for that, mucho respect! glad that all is well and safe


And don't forget Mothers Day will cost you much more this year :D
congrats, and I thought it was a post about DHL or interlink, mind you 9llb 6oz , give my sympathy to your wife !

johnboyzzz said:
congrats, and did you give the doctor one ????
I don't think he's in any fit state to start shaggin' Doctors right now..


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