Hmm ! Lovely boys !

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sillyboy, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. I dunno !

    You invite a couple of old oppos home for the weekend, feed them, water them, and it descends into a gayfest and a "whos got the sh*ttest tats competition !"

    In your own time..go on (and they would have done it to me !!)

  2. That camera angle looks like a still from a feature length production of toilet fun for youp0rnc0cks.

    Which one's you?
  3. Im behind the camera, lead in hand !
  4. I'm curious (Not in that way - I was never confused!) about the tiles, there seems to be one missing.
    And why hasn't the bloke on the right curled the towel into a bullwhip for flicking the other guy's arrse? Missed oportunity there.
    Was there any dry bumming later? :D
  5. Its the toilet in the extension, everything is half done ! Hence me sticking these 2 in a back room on a mattress with a curtain for a quilt and a daysack full of washing for a pillow ! They smashed in all my scrumpy jack and terrorised the dog ! :D Bumming was optional !
  6. reminds me of the "wears the soap?" gag

  7. I take it you weren't baby-sitting your nephew that weekend?!
  8. No, he is traumatised and beginning to develop alopecia after the other week !
  9. Congratulations - your work is done! :muhaha:

    As for the booties, they're obviously not close friends, else they'd be holding each others. :roll:

  10. This was the post coital touch, they were "spent!" :D
  11. Reference the tats, does the chap on the left have a penchant for Laura Ashley? Vaguely reminds me of floral chintz. Nice arrse though.
  12. Bit chunky though,one on the right for me! :wink:
  13. He has a penchant for all things nasty, and was once famously bounced for getting caught doing the nasty with a brazen lass in Tregantle Fort ! :D
  14. I thought he was just about to finger his Prostate gland...
  15. Mortars are they..?