Hmm just wondering.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Phil123, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. I was looking on the site and i came across this;

    "I am having difficulties balancing TA, family life and work...

    Easy: your priorities need to be family, work then TA. If you can't fit it all in, drop the TA."

    In the TA FAQ section. Now my question is this, if someone in the TA signed a contract for 3 years how can they leave it?

    Just wondering thats all, couldn't figure it out. Sure someone here knows though.
  2. Who has signed a contract to join the TA? signing on to the colours is not a contract TA wise.
  3. How do you mean?
  4. I just had to sign an agreement that I was undertaking to serve for 6 years (apparently most are for three, nurses 5 and medics 6 years).

    I asked if this was binding, and they said "No, I could resign at any time if ti wasn't for me". It also says this on the TA website.

    The rationale for this time frame given to me by my unit was that it protected them against time-wasters. Essentially, it meant if you were just dead weight and not turning up ever, they wouldn't renew your "contract" thereby preventing you from blocking someone else's entry.

    That didn't make too much sense to me, as I didn't think the TA was number-limited, but I suppose there are limits to the number of each type of specialist they need.


  5. TA is not like the regular army, where you sign on for a minimum of 3 years and have to give notice to leave for your final year.

    In the TA you are a volunteer, which means your service is what you put into it, which is why there are yearly bounties to encourage you to stay and do the minimum Man Training Days.

    Like in any job you sign a contract for you can leave at anytime, just serve notice, however you don't need to do that with the TA and technically can rock up one night with yuor kit, stick 2 fingers up and bugger off, but thats not the prefered way to do it.

    As our american friends like to say its a win/win situation, if you join up and a few months in think "sod this for a game of soldiers" you can leave and nothing more will be said, however I would advise you to try it out for a while and not do a runner the first time something isn't right.

    However i'm saying all this and I'm not in theTA yet but I have asked enough questions
  6. I first joined the TA seven years ago - about 18 months 'in', I changed civvie jobs that meant I worked most weekends, so decided to bin the TA. The unit were fine about it...a few signatures and handed my kit in and that was it - no dramas at all.

    The most obvious answer is that I'm a twat and they were glad to get rid of me. 8O

    But seeing as they have let me join again kinda shows they never learn though. :lol:
  7. Are you saying that just to get it in before someone else does? :lol:
  8. Its upto you in the end and the above states the obvious. I've been there where I thought I needed to do my duty (compulsory mobilisation) but it wasn't the right time. My wive couldn't have coped and my job would have suffered but that doesn't rule out anything down the line (with full wife and work support) and I do expect it to. Just wrong place wrong time
  9. The contract gives them the legal hold over you necessary to enforce your mobilisation if necessary.
  10. How does that tie in with being able to stick two fingers up and run away whenever you wish?

    [That's not meant to sound accusatory, I don't know the answer and am genuinely interested.]
  11. It's in the small print.
  12. They can try and prevent you leaving before this time, but it's not in their interests to do so, unless you were about to be mobilised. Thus, in practice, you can leave when you want. If you are about to be mobilised, you can't.

    It's very Catch-22; you can leave if the going is good (when you'd usually want to stay), but if you are about to be sent somewhere you don't want to go, you can't leave.

    Just think "Yossarian". You can't go far wrong.


    Edited for touch-typing idiocy.
  13. Sure did - far too many funny young scamps on ARRSE to leave that one alone.

    Although the unit did have all the paperwork filled in (in triplicate), just the date needing filled in......... :p