HMG insult to RBL in Ireland

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Just seen this. In light of all the other abuses currently being practiced by HMG, this one is only to be expected, but particularly shameful in my opinion,.

    It matters not that Granpa Tom
    Was decorated at the Somme,
    That cousin Percy didn't shirk
    His Duty, fleeing to Dunkirk.
    Better for us to row by row
    Have gathered in the GPO.
    H E decides we've no more clout,
    Which means that socially we're OUT.

    - Liam Collins
  2. A couple of weeks ago I was at a dinner where Maj Gen The O'Morchoe, president of RBL in the Republic, was guest of honour. He told of how the Dublin government is doing an increasing amount to help them.
  3. Given that Irish people in Britain tend to vote Labour (I wouldn't but most do) this is quite bad. What are HMG thinking? Are they afraid of offending Sinn "a disappointing 6.9% of the vote" Fein?
  4. Probably. Crying shame if this is true.
  5. On one of my tours, i met an old-IRA man who had fought in the British army during WW2, his views about the times and why he fought in an army he then/now hated was very revealing.

    I think its more likely that Sinn Fein dont want the fact that a majority fought for the Brits, nor that a lot of old IRA men also fought for the British army in WW2
  6. Where was the military attache during all this? I wouldn't be surprised if the half the 20 somethings fluttering about the embassy on a two year posting before moving on to the next stage of their glittering careers had even heard of the RBL, let alone know that there were and are Irish soldiers in the British Army, however, what was the MA doing?