HMF rail card

Can anyone confirm whether TA are entitled to a rail card and if so, please can you point me in the right direction of the relevant regs to place politely under the nose of a seriously obnoxious WO2!

Thanks very much


No, as a reservist you are not entitled to a HM Forces Railcard.

If young enough, you will have to buy a Young Persons railcard (under 25, I think)
Or if old enough, get the old persons railcard!

Anywhere in the middle, I think you are fucked. :D
As a TA Soldier "Officially" you're not entitled to one unless serving a permenant post of more than 3 months (see HM Forces Railcard Eligibility)

As a rail worker who deals with ticket inspection & prosecuting fraudulent travel I can't encourage you to obtain a railcard you're not entitled to, of course ;) However, as the railcard is issued by your unit admin office & you have a MOD 90 to back it up, then only you & your unit would know that you don't meet the criteria.

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