HMF ID / MOD90 "As proof of age verification"

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by coldstreamer2CG, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi Chaps

    As a new contributer to this media, I have found it a great tool & very informative to the wider HMF community.

    My name is Lance Reah a former Coldtreamer from the 2nd Battalion of the regiment, I have two sons 18-21 both serving in the 1st Battalion of my former Regiment, both of whom have recently returned from Babaji, Afghan ... My issue with the above mentioned subject matter has taken many folds over the last four months during their operational tour. During and after a family meal on my youngest sons departure to Afghan, my son was challenged for his ID ... with his UK passport in the hands of "Movement Clerks" & the fact that he didnt possess a Provisional Driving license ... he produced his MOD90. this to my amazement & other members of the public was not good enough for the venue management & security staff, whereupon we were asked to leave ... uncles , Aunts , cousins & friends alike.

    From that moment to this .... I have pursued this subject matter with an EDM "Early Day Motion tabled by David Mowat MP & already having had a meeting with Dr Liam Fox MP ... On Armed Forces Day Dr Fox announced to the "People Media Group" that the matter is and will be delt with asap ....
  2. Blimey, you seem to have got some Parliamentary traction, well done you.

    That said, IMHO it's a bit of a non-issue. Undoubtedly you have intelligent sons who wouldn't make such mistakes but I do recall a couple of soldiers who handed in ID cards to get into a nightclub and they 'went missing.'

    MOD90 are an internal means of identification and shouldn't really be bandied around all that much.

    That said, it's more of a travesty that passports get pooled by movement clerks?

    Your experience of being hoofed out is, however, outrageous.
  3. coldstreamer2CG,

    Welcome to ARRSE.

    There have been a number of threads on this subject. The bottom line is that currently, an MOD 90 is nothing more than a work ID card and as such no one is obliged to accept it as proof of age. All recognised forms of age verification have security measures to make it difficult to produce fakes. An MOD 90 does not have any security features.

    I find it hard to believe that anyone was asked to leave because your son could not prove his age, I suspect the staff simply refused to serve alcohol to him and you and your family objected in such a way that the management felt it best for you all to leave.

    Don't get me wrong, if I found myself in the same situation I would probably do something similar. :)

    It is great that this is being addressed by the Government, it does make you wonder why the last lot did not do anything about it.

  4. Name and shame to pub/resteraunt go on their website and give them shite and inform the Sun, keep throwing shite at whoever is in charge, put in a DATA protection act application for all records of the event wether they be audio,video, written, all notes,memos, and any other records produced because of this incident, it may cost you £15 but it will cost them a hell of a lot more and they must by law provide you with this information , just be polite and relentless, it never fails

    A letter of complaint to the local licensing department is also a thought
  5. Hi Lance, from another old 2CG bod, there are a few of us on here.

    Lance has been pushing this for a while now and has gained support. It's mad to think that lads like Lance's son can patrol in the world's hot spots, march on their homecoming through London - and be refused a beer in a high street pub.

    Lance knows I wish him every success in this, but I fear the above posts will prove to be correct.
  6. You'll also find that licensed premises are discouraged to accept them as ID as a security issue in Garrison Towns. Think terrorist bombings of Squaddie pubs in the past and recent plots to kidnap a British Soldier.

    This is certainly fed back to the Naval Provost in the town where I work and they instruct the recruits that they are not to use them etc etc

    It's not always a jobs worth, sometimes there is good intent behind their reasoning.
  7. Why should it be any different if he is a window cleaner?

    Read the back of your MOD90 to see what it is be used for. If you can find "Buying booze" i'll eat my own arrse.
  8. Read my last line.

    I wish Lance well because he has personal experience of this - and he is a mate.......... but I think the rules will stay as is - for the reasons given above.

    No need to eat anybody's arse
  9. Apologies. I've come across as a bit of an arrse there!

    What I am getting at is there are more important things we could make an issue of. Trying to get an employee name badge accepted as proof of ID is the least of the armed forces worries.
  10. Chaps

    Many thanks for your constructive input & opinions .... this matter is already in hand by the MOD / officials,

    In order to curb underage drinking throughout the UK the following scheme was introduced nationwide to 32.000 pub chains and outlets "The Challenge 21-25" scheme. The authors of the scheme BBPA (British Bear & Pub Association has spent over 5 million on its implimentation over the 11 months.

    The MOD have found themselves at odds with their "Forces Discount Scheme" whereupon a member of HMF must physically show their HMF ID in order to secure the discount from the venue outlet, The MOD run & own the scheme & activly request HMF personell to utilize the discount scheme.

    Therefore the MOD have realized they have "Conflict of Interest" where the "Challenge 21-25" scheme is involved .... troops could show proof of occupation but not proof of age .... uptill a few days ago .....
  11. There are various pub watch ID schemes that are available for use in bars and clubs. Local councils often run similar age verification schemes.

    It's just a work ID at the end of the day - Some places accept it others don't.
  12. It is accepted by the post office as proof of ID when collecting parcels (Did this a few weeks back) so I dont see any reason why it cant be used as proof of age. However, there are security implications in producing an ID card in public. Why not get a provisional licence to save the hassle?

    That said, what the restaurant did was well out of order, they could have dealt with things better than that.
  13. Chaps
    The secretary of state for Defence Andrew Robathan MP & Minister for Defence Dr Liam Fox are in consultation with "officials" over this matter .... together with the David Mowat MP "Early Day Motion" EDM 189 already signed by 18 other Parliamentry MPs ...... the MOD form 90 WILL gain as an act of Parliament "Official National Status" as a valid form of official Identity.

    I am also sorry to dissapoint as to the above chaps "But this issue is a rolling ball" I have in my posession an official press release of which David Mowat MP was authorised to release regarding this subject.
  14. You are in a world of your own - really - stop giving out the worst 'angry man' advice ever. That cold night in norn iron messed you up. You've not got a clue on licensing law either you old fool.
  15. HMF personell as confirmed by the MOD "Must be in possesion of their MOD90" both whilst on and off duty, to include civilian clothing & whilst in uniform, therefore asking HMF personell to carry additional ID such as a UK Passport or Driving License ( together with their MOD90 ) is in effect an hightened "Negative Security" protocol.

    As no doubt you are all aware the combination of such documents in one place contravenes the "Counter Terrorism Bill" ..... "The Identification, location & personal stats of a member of the Armed Forces"

    NOK on the back page of the Passport & the full civilian address on the Driving License .....