HMAV - what happened to them

Discussion in 'RLC' started by bobthedog, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. I served on HMAV Arakan from 1986 to 1988, last time I saw any of the vessels was at the 50th anniversary of D Day celebrations in France.

    What happened to them?

    Bob - Ex R Sigs
  2. think they got replaced by summat a bit more stylish mate, but probably just the same old "chuggers" they always were, check out this thread for picys.
  3. come to think of it, ARAKAN, ARROMANCHES< ARDENNES, ARREZZO, ANTWERP, were all Singapore flotilla, had some good runs ashore wi some of their lads, They were all on a Trot at Pulau Brani, and uised to ramp down at Tanjong Belayer hard.
  4. Both ships were decomissioned around 97. Last seen tied up in Kent. As for being replaced by something more stylish no chance of that.
  5. I last saw both Ardennes & arakan tied up in the disused HMS dolphin in 1999 , I heard on the grape vine that they went to peru to be used as car ferries............. :? ( no change there then ). Shame I loved serving on those vessels.
  6. Both ships are (still) moored up in Lowestoft. Try Google Maps at ",+Lowestoft,+Suffolk+NR32,+United+Kingdom&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=11.030273,27.37793&ie=UTF8&lr=lang_en&cd=1&geocode=0,52.476814,1.717602&ll=52.475566,1.729832&spn=0.001387,0.003342&t=h&z=19" to see them.
    The satellite photo shows both ships alongside, where they have been for several years. They supposedly were sold off to be converted for oil exploration in Nigeria, but never left Lowestoft. They look pretty sorry nowadays. According to the harbour masters' office, they are still waiting to be transported to Africa ... ...
    PAW - OC HMAV Ardennes 1994/97.
  7. Was it right that an inexperienced officer brought a certain HMAV into shallow waters off the East Coast of our fair isles on an EX in 1997/8'ish. The outcome being one very badly damaged hull.

    I heard this story within a short period of time of it 'supposedly' happening. I've often wondered if there was any truth in it?

    Edited for being in a time warp.
  8. I was on MPC(A) with the marine engineer/electrician from the Arakan in '95, what a top bloke shuggy was!
  9. I was serving onboard Arakan (may she rest in peace) 97-99 (I was the last serving Royal Signals solder onboard) and I don't remember having any accident like that and I don't remember Ardennes having any accident either?? Then again, my memory is not what it used to be! Definately not the Arakan though..
  10. Well I heard on the grapevine that one of my old Sqn 2i/c's who had ties to 79 railway Sqn grounded one same story?
  11. I know that The "Can" hit a rather large rock up in Scotland in the late eighties v early nineties. Dined out on many occasions on the subject with the Skipper of the vessel at that time - or was it just pi-s taking?.
  12. i think you wll find it was 1987 and it was the ardennes i remember it well only a fourty degree list the refit was at fas and we the crew had a great time finding things to do.
  13. Arakan did run aground on the East Coast during some exercise however the damage was relatively minor. The annoying thing was that she had just done a refit in Liverpool prior to this bump then she was sold about a year later. who knows by now you could be shaving with her.
    And just to note I served on Arakan and Ardennes in the 80's and 90's
  14. I well remember the 1987 incident, as I was the sigs guy on Arakan. The Navy had to fly all sorts of bits to her to keep her afloat.
  15. I was there...well on its sister at the time. A Staff Sgt (the name escapes me) sallow skin short nick name Pid, was OIC at te time. Skipper well pigged off, we had fun sailing by with banners over the side..."rock on..."