HM to do her bit on Christmas day.




Queen's speech filmed at barracks

The Queen recorded her message among tanks at a barracks
The Queen has recorded her traditional Christmas Day speech to the nation at an Army barracks in Windsor.
It is the first time the address to Britain and the Commonwealth has been shot entirely on location.

In clips released by Buckingham Palace, the Queen is seen talking to servicemen and women who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan or the Balkans.

The theme of the speech is teamwork and the Queen pays tribute to the professionalism of the armed services.

Short excerpts of the film, released on Tuesday, show the Queen at Combermere Barracks in Windsor, the headquarters of the Household Cavalry.

Phone line

Buckingham Palace says the Queen's purpose is to recognise the professionalism of the armed services in a year when so much has been asked of them and their families.

It is the second time excerpts of the Queen's speech have been released ahead of Christmas Day.

As is traditional, the speech will be screened on BBC One and ITV1 and aired on radio at 1500 GMT on Christmas Day.

BBC News Online will also be broadcasting the speech for internet users.

A text version will be accessible through the British Monarchy website at

In another first, a telephone line will also be set up to allow people - particularly troops serving abroad - to listen in.

The telephone line, on 0871 271 3100, will be open until 1500 GMT on Tuesday, 6 January.

Calls will be charged at the normal rate plus 10p a minute to cover the cost of providing the facility.

The programme, produced for the BBC by Nick Vaughan-Barratt, will also be broadcast throughout the Commonwealth.
Good on the old girl (sitting rigidly to attention).

Lets hope that Bliar learns a few lessons on how to make friends and influence people. A pat on the back is definatley a recce for a bayonet with that PC nonce.