HM Supplies - Webbing?

Alright guys,

I'm currently using a set of Jay Jays tailored webbing with the roll pin belt etc.

I've been considering selling this and using the money to build my own set using HM Supplies own pouches and their roll pin belt. The reason being is with the Jay Jays rig I can't add/remove pouches as their stitched on and also if I use the webbing on Op's and a pouch tears off I'm screwed as theres no PLC attachments on the Jay Jays set.

So what I'm thinking is using the cash to buy...

2 x double ammo (

and 3 x utility (

The bonus of this is I can bang an extra utility on in place of a double ammo if I need the extra room on my belt order.

I'll be mounting it on their roll pin belt (

Now, my question. Has anyone bought any of the above kit or know someone that has? Is it good build or is it shite?

Thanks in advance,

Not the above kit, but my HMSupplies chest-rig went almost 8 years before kicking the dust. (with several Balkans and Iraq tours in between)

It was built very well, and I wouldn't expect it to have changed
I own one of those triple utility pouch sets from HM supplies, and they are alot smaller than plce issue size pouches. Think of it this way, one triple pouch set will take up the same space on the belt as two plce utility pouches, so you might want to get more than just a triple set for your set of webbing.

You probably have your reasons, but if your going back to using webbing that can be taken apart (ie. not webbing that has been sewn together to make a one piece set)), why not just use the plce stuff? Just as good as hm supplies' stuff, if not better.
Don't do it.

I bought HM Webbing years back and had no complaints. I went in there last month to add to it and wasn't impressed. the quality has gone downhill quicker than an avalanche, their stuff looks more like Web Tex now.

My roll pin belt is one of theirs from 4 years ago but I wouldn't buy the ones they have now.

I agree with james that if you want something semi modular and exchangeable use PLCE. I know it's heavier but I'd choose PLCE over what HM are making now any day. Either that or Vanguard, they've always been consistant in quality. They sponsor this forum so follow the link. RV Ops and Kit Monster both stock it which says a lot to me.
Thanks guys - advice taken.

I'm fine with the PLCE stuff, the only thing I've gotten used to now is the velcro Ammo pouches and the Roll Pin belt especially. I might have a poke at vangaurd and see if they do them.

Now avoiding HM supplies thanks to Arrse!

Buy Molle pouches and you can make a set yourself and you can change it round as often as you like and use them on your osprey

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