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Hi all,

Looking to get a hippo pad (get some space on my belt), and the cheapest I've seen without compromising quality (I hope so, the rest of their stuffs pretty good I've heard) is the one from hm supplies.

The problem is that the daft buggers haven't got any pics at all of their kit on the website. Basically, I'm just wondering if anyone has (or could take... :? ) any pictures of this bit of kit, so I know at least what the thing I'm buying looks like.

Thanks for any help.
No pics, but have used one before. Went flat and rather unpadded pretty quickly. I'd recommend cutting a section of roll mat to size instead, and using that, I have been for years with no probs- retains the density, made to measure and free.
A lot of the guys I've talked to say they've had difficulty getting them, and for me not to bother even trying. £12, not gonna break the bank, and its almost as good as free.
i use one and find it helps a bit if you're tabbing short distances, but over 5k they don't make much difference. If you have an ebay account have a look on there, there's usually people selling new ones slightly cheaper than other sites
The issue one is actually quite good, the only gripe I have is the padding under the ammo pouches could be wider and a bit longer
I did have one of these put found it pretty useless - it wasn't very well padded. So instead i purchased the Aussie Belt Support from SASS. Quite expensive but is the same width as the pouches are tall (hope that makes some sort of sense!). I have not had any problems with it whatever distance i am covering and highly recommend it as it has similar thickness to a roll mat. if you are interested.

I bought it before the issue hip pad became widely available. The issue ones do look pretty good though.
pebble monkey, I looked into the sass one, but was told (in an email from sass) that they aren't being made any more due to a lack of materials or something... Shame, as it looked pretty good, I liked the way it covered all the pouches, rather than just the ammo pouches like the plce one.


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Eight quid from here.
I "obtained" a funny-looking padded belt with vertical loops sown into it (like that on the front of the bergen). It looks Yankee, so it could be ALICE...anyway, I fixed it on using cable ties and it's great. Because it's a belt not a pad it can be tightened to stop my pouches bouncing and it fits over anything, CS95 shirt or CBA. It does mean that getting the webbing off takes longer, but I've never had to take it off fast anyway (here's hoping I don't get shot in a WP grenade...)
Might be able to help, PM'd you mate


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REstitcher said:
HM's kit is normally quite well made, i reckon the PLCE one's may last longer though.
Actually the type shown above is a stronger design.
It's copied from the original 'Hippo Pads' which used to be available in the Shot in the eighties.
Still got mine & it's in great nick, not bad for over twenty years of hard use.


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I just use a bit of roll mat? Free, comfy and you can tailor it to whatever you want!

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