HM Supplies daysack,any good?

Looking at getting a daysack for going camping,after something that won't fall to pieces after a couple of months!

Spotted an HM Supplies daysack on eban,does anyone have one and can tell me how good/bad they are please?

Many thanks,
Which one is it?

Seller doesn't know which model it is.
Has zips to attach the pouches from a bergen.

I've looked at HM Supplies website and it may be a Ronum.
Apparently it cost them £45 brand new if it helps!?

Yeh there alright. Big.


I've got one, bought it back in 2004 and it's still going strong, haven't even managed to break any of the zips or clips and as has already been mentioned they are big.

It doesn't have much in the way of padding on either the straps or the back, which might be a problem for some people. On the plus side the lack of padding makes it easier to fold up so you can wedge it into the top of a bergen.
I bought a munro copy from HM Supplies in 94 and only had to replace a couple of buckles and have a corner stitched, Ive only just retired it for a motherlode.
I have a choice.
I can get the HM supplies bag for £15,or, I can get the issue daysack for £35 from a surplus dealer.
Can't decide which would be better in the long run!

I don't like the issue day sack i find it the Wrong shape

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