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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by oscar1whisky, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. I got home yesterday to find a letter from HM Revenue & Customs, apologising for their delay in responding to my letter of April 2008. Yes, you read that correctly, 19 months to reply! Is this a record?
  2. 8O that a record :?: it's a letter you silly boy :wink:
  3. Must have been a hell of a backlog.
  4. No, this is a record

    Dressing gown, fluffy slip slops etc. etc.
  5. That's nothing. I received a £400 penalty for not filing an annual return, despite the fact that the company in question is dormant, not PAYE registered, and doesn't employ anybody.

    A simple admin error you say? I thought so, until I phoned my accountant and he told me several of his clients had received the same thing. Then I looked online, and there are thousands of stories the same all over the major business forums.

    It's also interesting that the fine is £100 per month for each month that it goes unpaid - yet they waited 4 months to tell me (and everybody else affected) about it.

    I don't mind paying tax one bit, but HMRC are a bunch of dishonest thieves. Incompetent to boot, as proved by your letter.
  6. The annoying thing is that my letter of April 2008 went into great depth, in words of 1 syllable, explaining how they'd completely ballsed up previous tax credit assessments, for example at one stage they said I owed them "x", but when challenged decided they owed me £900, cheque received along with a later assessment saying the last one was also wrong, could they have their £900 back, please? Yet people claim we must pay high salaries to attract the "best" into the Civil Service? Personally I suspect that if one were to collect a bunch of educationally sub-normal chimpanzees, get them drunk and put a few e's in their tea they'd still produce a better service than this. Is the 'bus 1st paraded?
  7. ".... a bunch of educationally sub-normal chimpanzees, get them drunk and put a few e's in their tea they'd still produce a better service than this."

    Your theory is sound.

    Speaking to a friend who knows about such things, HMRC appears to be one of the best examples of how to screw things up.

    Thanks to Gordon Brown they have to run what is now the largest and most complex tax system in the world and one that that includes chunks of crass social engineering in the shape of Tax Credits that of itself is complex and generates vast amounts of work

    It baffles professionals yet is being administered by an increasingly dumbed down workforce they are forced to draw from the employment pools of some of the worst sh1tholes the UK has to offer. These people are further constrained by a iffy IT environment, high levels of sickness and maternity leave compounded by a fair percentage of staff who are simply useless and always will be.

    On top of this always being battered by useless HR nonsense that senior managment think matters. End result per Staff Satisfaction survey:

    When changes are made they are usually for the better 9%

    HMRC as a whole is well managed: 11%

    HMRC energises me to 'go the extra mile': 12%

    I would recommend HMRC as a great place to work 17%

    So your chance as a mere "customer" of getting any sense out of them is not good
  8. Well I did go down to my local Tax office to get advice on what to fill out before I went overseas to work, The local office was really helpful and after some confirming phonecalls to main office....all the forms were sent off.

    That was April 2008

    In the meantime I have worked in the Middle East for KBR,came back and then went away again for a 6 month tour of Australasia by motorbike.....when I got back from that, I notified them by the correct form and by phone I was back in the country.

    Last month I received a confirmation letter, say the usual thankyou for notifying us that you are leaving the country..blah,blah......18 months after I sent it off and 5 months after I let them know I got back?

    About to bugger off again, Im not sure its even worth doing the paperwork or not?
  9. I have to file a self assessment form to prove I make no profit on the falt I rent out, thn had these bell-ends trying to tax me on my Army wage which I'd already paid tax on as we are clearly on PAYE. I never had to pay but it took 3 months of letters and calls from me and my accountants (who billed me £200 for the privilege) to sort out.
  10. What happen to 'Tax twat' (or something like that) he used to post quite a lot?
  11. I'm busy wading through a backlog... :roll:
  12. I was invited to play this game last year so I wrote back an pleaded ignorance. The reduced the fine to £100. A month after that they reduced it to nil.
    Roll on 12 months, I get another invitation to I do nothing...a month later, the invite gets downgraded to £100...then I get a statement telling me that I 'overpaid' last year by £100.02, and would I like a cheque.
    Can't wait for 2010!
  13. With due and sincere respect to 'Tax_Tw-t', the problem stems largely from Bliar's broken record promise of: Education; Education; Education.

    HMR&C will have as much difficulty recruiting people who can read, write and do very simple mathematical tasks as: TESCO, M&S, HSBC, Barclays, firms of solicitors and any number of organisations struggling to recruit even semi-literate and numerate personnel.

    Worse still 'education' is now in the hands of a semi-deranged zealot!
  14. 8O

    So that'll be no respect at all then? :D
  15. Update, 10 days later and I've had another letter demanding payment and a second letter asking what the problem is? I've replied that I'll be in touch with them once I've fully investigated their figures (again), in about July 2011.