majorissues said:
wedge35 said:
Nice one, but I sincerely hope that 'LCpl Whibley' has been well and truly crated for this one:

"instead of shaking her hand I wanted to give her a big hug".
I find his unabashed regard and admiration for Her Majesty rather refreshing. Good for him.
Yeah - but you lure children to your ginger-bread house so what do you know beardy?
She came to my school, SWCC.. HOOAH! :p

Pretty exciting really, with all the monarchy etc.. and the speculation over marksmen on the roof and the fact that it was confirmed MI5 agents were undercover to ensure security, cleaners etc ;) (and if we hadn't noticed them they were doing their job).. visit
RE 200 I had to finish a trench off with a fecking hand trowel so it looked nice, HM smiled politely then Phil the Greek can we say that in public said are all your trenches this well prepared? The answer cost me a few duty Sprs but I was in good company as PtG asked a question at the Mexe Shelter that drew a 'cheeky c***' reply, PtG laughed EinC didn't so the Chattenden Bunk was manned by a certain individual for a rather long time:)


I noticed she had been to Snodland only a few days before, were the stomp monsters getting awards instead of fastracks to the STD clinic?

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