HM Queen Honors a U.S. Marine

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. congrats, these things should be recognised.

    well done sir.
  3. Makes change to see americans in some good light.

    Well done that man.
  4. Makes a change not to see someone put their aircraft before the troops (a la RAF)
  5. Well Done and Thank You!
  6. Looks like he's got knackers like melons. Well done him. Thanks for posting that, Trippy. It really is nice to see something positive like this now and again.

    What's the score on Septics wearing foreign gongs? Is it allowed?

  7. Last check it was:
    "Foreign Personal Decorations. Marines who have been specifically authorized by law to accept decorations from foreign governments may wear them after all U.S. campaign and service awards in the order of their receipt. When an individual is authorized to wear more than one award from the same country, the order of precedence of those particular awards will be determined by the rules of the country concerned."
  8. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    I always suspected the US Marines were far more closely akin to the British Army inthought and deed than the US Army. Congratualtions and again thank you.
  9. Magnificent!

    Thank you, valued friend and ally.
  10. That most likely will not be the final spot but was added there for the photo op, but may not be the final position.

    This is a foreign personal decoration
  11. Well Done indeed.

    Thanks for - as the article put it - "likely saving the life" of a Soldier.

    You Sir, should not have to buy a beer when you enter a British Military Establishment. Can't say nowt about the feckers outside the wire mind...
  12. Very well done to Maj Chesarek and Pte Norris. Good drills all-round.
  13. Well earned, and thank you, Major.

    An odd comment on it, though - I'd be interested to know exactly what "strange colonial habits" James Mackenzie thinks we have that Americans won't understand.
  14. Great stuff, well done. :smile: