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HM Forces Veterans Badge

A surprise arrived in the post today.

A small enamel badge with a covering letter from MOD.

In brief it said I’ve been awarded the HM Forces Veterans Badge & can wear it on special occasion!!!!.

I’ve mixed feeling about it ranging from what a waste of money through to what special occasions & how would I get on eBay.

Has any one else received one & does anyone have feeling one way or the other about this.
Can you manage to get a picture of it on to ARRSE?
I'm a War Pensioner! I'm only bloody 42! So I didn't exactly hare up the beach in Normandy, but suffer from LMF & self inflicted injuries gained in various Messes and less solubrious drinking dens around the world!
Do you think I should get one? If I do, I'll declare it a 'special occasion', then you can put yours on!
According to the MoD website, "The new badge, designed to be worn the lapel of civilian attire of former service personnel, has been developed in association with veterans' organisations and is intended to help the wider public recognise veterans and the contribution they made.

Veterans of World War l are also eligible to receive the badge and if there is sufficient demand, consideration may be given to extending eligibility to veterans of more recent campaigns."

...which I assume means that it is intended for WW2 veterans.

Waste of metal.


Here's what the Oxford Dictionary defines Veteran as:


• noun 1 a person who has had long experience in a particular field. 2 an ex-member of the armed forces.

Now, why would they consider people only from certain campaigns for a veteran badge? Someone back home can be just as important to the effort as those in theatre. Maybe they are trying to give some cudos to the badge, but shouldnt all people who have served their country, whether in war or peacetime be deserving of recognition of their contribution?

As someone has already mentioned, should be for all people who leave honourably, IMHO.

It wouldn't be so bad if they lost the "Veteran" bit from the design. For some reason, it reminds me of those ten-a-penny school Prefect badges that got issued...and some of the jerks who got issued with them.

Unless they're planning other types of badge on the same lines...
Does it give you the right to decide who gets their milk first at breaktime, and give it to those kids you don't like last, so their milk is warm?
MS_Rep said:
A Veteran is usaully over age 40 8)

Be thankful you can walk the BFT at last :D 8O

tehe 8)
not according to the RFU - veterans rugby begins at 35! Just when most sensible people are giving up...

I say badges for all veterans...I'm fed up with having to explain that I am sitting in the geriatric seats because of Iraqi shrapnel, which moves closer to my spine every minute I satnd up on the bus...it isn't and doesn't but why can't I sit in comfort just because I'm not 80, wearing surgical stockings and a twin-set?
OldAdam said:
WWI vets only? :?

Not exactly about to lash-out on the issue then, are they? :roll:

Is being issued to WWII Vets as well for 60th Anerversary of D Day!
and extended to include WWI Vets in first issue.

RBL is doing the issue on behalf of HMG and you do not need to be a member.

Plus to be included in Leavers Packs for Discharges from Feb 2005

I beleave it will issued to all Vets in due course.


Book Reviewer
I remember reading somewhere that it would be issued to all who have served over around 6 years - I will check, but almost everyone who has done Regular Service should get one eventually.

And why not? It would be even better if it got us discount on the Poll Tax, or pushed to the top of NHS queues - but no chance of that :?
Does it get you cheap beer?

I bet it is a secret government ploy for emergency mobilisation or rounding-up of those in need of "re-education"!

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