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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Punk_trooper, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Okay anyone who has these just a bit of fun: Take a photo of it in a cool/strange place or dodgy/promiscus pose and post the pics up here and anyone who want to lay abuse at me for such an immature suggestion: Get a sence of humour!! :D

    ill post one as soon as i can find a strange thing for him!!

    come guys i cant be the only who find this great!! :D
  2. [​IMG]

    The brat protested but the SA80 put pay to that!! ive started u guys... GO!! lol :p
  3. im only having a giggle mate, its a thursday both my kids are in bed my mrs is out at work, i dont jerk the gherkin over porn.

    if u dont find it funny why bother looking at it??

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  4. Ignore Paper Tiger won't you Punk Trooper. He's just mad because you took his toys from him!
  5. will do mate, i just thought this might give people a giggle, i like to make people laugh. :D
  6. Punk Trooper,

    Paper Tiger, I think, is having his posts hopefully deleted. He has been upsetting a few people today. I hope your thread lasts, because it made me laugh!

  7. thanks a lot mate!! i just thought it might brighten up a dull thursday evening!!!!

    ill find something more imaginative for the fella todo before long!!!

    Take it EZ :p
  8. Pity they don't sell a Gordon Brown doll. The possibilities are endless; firing squad, raped by a 3 Para Morters doll, hung, drawn and quartered... :twisted:
  9. i'm probably going to go out and buy some of these tomorrow, so that i can take pictures of them in dodgy places

    (not up my arrse!)
  10. My daughter has a 3ft barbie house, im trying to recreate the iranian embassy siege as we speak!! :)
  11. But how can you fit so many on the balcony? ;)
  12. everyone knows thousands of people were on that balcony... more interestingly they were all second onto it.

    anyway once you've done it you best video it and post it to youtube.
  13. I'll play - gay Action Man!

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  14. excellent!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! :muhaha: