HM Forces Morale Down.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Monty417, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. The latest MoD survey of 10500 Army, RN and RAF personnel reveals that 45% officers and 56% other ranks believe that morale is low. Only 12% think that morale is high. Overall, levels of morale were 6% worse than in the previous survey in 2007.

    Is this really true? Could it just be a case of having a moan? If true, what is the possible impact upon the conflict?
    Field Marshall Montgomery said: "The morale of the soldier is the greatest single factor in war."
  2. I wasn't aware the RAK had renamed to the Royal Air Korps?
  3. I have often thought that morale should be thought of strategically (as a corporate issue) and tactically (in your own sub-unit)

    Most soldiers love what they do, and morale in small units is always high, even under harsh conditions, but when you look at the whole organisation things look very different. People do feel unappreciated and ignored and, subsequently, morale falls.
  4. Morale generally does tend to go down when you start playing around with people's acronyms.
  5. sorry, new specs. Edited.
  6. I think we tend to err on the side of pessimism when filling out these continuous attitudes surveys. A touch of the 'Don't let them think we're too happy' syndrome. A bit like a typical ARRSE thread really. Presumably, the statistics boffins make some sort of adjustment for this.
  7. Maybe the MoD should poll each branch of the Forces seperately to get a clearer perpective? The poll shows unhappiness at the standard of personal equipment and major equipment, which must affect morale. Surely having first class equipment would make all the difference.
  8. Actually they do break the data down by service, rank etc. It is not long since they started collating the data across the 3 services. If you are interested you can find the report HERE (MoD Link).
  9. I noticed this in the newspaper today. Anyone currently serving that can comment on their opinion?
  10. Thank you. I think I should have said, or asked, would the results from the 3 sevices be better published in seperate form as per each service. Maybe this happens already?
  11. HM Forces Morale Down

    I find that statement very hard to believe.

    The well-beloved Mr. Bliar ensured that 'his' Forces were well equipped, rewarded and properly deployed.

    Mr. Bliar's successor, the 'saintly' Mr. Brown - whom some denigrate and call : 'Cyclops' or 'Clown' - is noted for his superlative support, and, for his astonishing ability to provide the financial means and wherewithal to provide everything that could be required.

    With Mr. Ainsworth at the helm and Mr. Mandelson keeping a watchful eye on all things, how could anyone even imagine that:

    'HM Forces Morale (is) Down'?