HM Forces day Chatham.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by looney, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. Anyone got any tickets for sale for above mentioned?

    Ill pay a good price of course.
  2. No sorry, but i used to have your avatar as my pc screensaver!
  3. Don't be so silly - we wouldn't want actual members of the Armed Forces getting in to the Armed Forces Day would we?
  4. Why would you pay for the tickets when they are free anyway?


    Mine came today, they are wristbands by the way, not tickets.
  5. You have to apply in advance. They are free. No ticket - no entry on day.

    Got mine 2 weeks ago :)
  6. I did, they replied none left!
  7. sorry looney, but i am going to watch my daughter do her bit with the cadets
  8. Now that's something I'd pay to see. :twisted:
  9. Your joking are'nt you this is a child spawned by Knocker your talking about here,
    She'll kick your teeth down your throat before you can say anything witty,
    She's probably on here as one of the abusive wenches threatening blokes already.
    Christ Holdfast run for the hills before she finds you man
  10. Now, I take offence at that! I'm shite at talking witty. :D (so I'm told :oops: )

    Also, I bet I can get my dentures out before her boot connects. :lol: :wink: