HM Coastguard Rescues the US Marines!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Two US Marines have been rescued by the Coastguard after getting into difficulties at the Giants Causeway.
    The men became stranded on cliffs after leaving a coastal path and starting to climb in an area called the Chimney Stack.

    The Marines, who both come from New Jersey, were winched to safety up the remaining 100 feet of cliff.

    Members of the Coastguard service from Coleraine and Ballycastle were involved in the operation.
  2. What were they doing? Were they on holiday? So they were just members of the public then? Hardly the US Marine Corps. Aren't we talking about a couple of blokes who thought they were better climbers than they were and just happened to be US marines? It's a bit like the US headlines "British Army in Mexico" re the 5 guys who were trapped in caves in Mexico on an adventurous training expedition.
  3. Hah silly septics, obviously pathfinders planning an invasion I think they should be interogated.
  4. Not as funny as the RM accidentally invading Spain a few years back.
  5. Now that was funny!!!
  6. What makes you think it was a kin accident? :p
  7. 'Cos as the RM went off in their boats, one was heard to say "See! I told you it was that BIG F'KIN ROCK OVER THERE!" :roll:
  8. Alls well and no one hurt, so we can all giggle!
  9. I have heard of this, but never saw any pictures or video. Was there such?

  10. Have a look here.
  11. Somebody told them you could see the nest of a Dungannon Swift.
  12. Purpleheart anyone?