Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dorkblatt, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Given that we are a maritime nation that relies upon a charity to effect rescue at sea, I suspect there will be massive indifference to this. Sadly.
  2. I suppose they could all join the AA!!! wernt they above them in the emergency services prioity list??????????
    I hear they get good pay for singing songs about breaking down!
  3. So has this happened in real life or in Second Life?
  4. Well, if they want parity with the ambulance service, they can look forward to a drop in pay! And they don't have to deal with drunks and druggies either!

    Be careful what you wish for.
  5. Yep. Bugger me! It's real cat, Mr Blackadder!
  6. mmmm now how many ambulance staff get paid just 1p over the minimum wage?

    Say no more
  7. When i posted that this thread was in "Second Life" for no apparent reason! ;)

    Looks like someone moved it.
  8. That was me, didnt think it had much to do with SL.
  9. I just dont understand why anyone would go on strike given this Governments great record for recognising public service with appropriete equipment, pay and conditions while selflessly denying themselves any perks or payrises for the last decade or so!
  10. It was in "Second Life" when I posted. I wasn't taking the p1ss out of you. I was reiterating what you said (because the reason I looked at the thread was out of curiosity at the concept of a Coastguards' strike on Second Life :roll: ).......... and (I suppose) having a pop at the thread-starter.
  11. mmmm now how many coastguard staff get paid just 1p over minimum wage? Minimum wage is £5.52 per hour, 1p over minimum would give an annual salary of £10,764.

    Starting salaries:

    MCA watch assistant :£15,225.
    Ambulance service emergency medical dispatcher (similar job): £14,452.
    Lowest paid ambulance service job: Liaison assistant :£12,577.
    Ambulance technician (front line emergency staff): £14,798.
  12. Yes you are quite correct - however you are including the 25pc shift and unsociable hours - hence your calculation £10764 is spot on -

    and no - the CWA job is not a call taker or despatch - the WO actually co-ordinates the incident

    Promise me you'll buck up!
  13. 25 percent added to the minimum wage would give £13,455. The starting salary for a watch assistant is £15,225 and was quoted to me by the MCA as "plus shift allowance to be added on".

    As you say Watch Officers co-ordinate incidents but WOs are on £20k+ not minimum wage +1p.

    (Edited for mong spelling)