HLS Regs

A few Helicopter Landing Site questions.

Do Military choppers have to abide by CAA regs concerning HLS?

Is there a minimum distance between the HLS and housing etc?

Whar are the rules concerning night flying?
1. In terms of aircraft performance, no.
2. For a civilian HLS, probably, but I don't know how much.
3. You can only log night flying half an hour after sunset until half an hour before sunrise(you need to elaborate a bit more for that one).

Have you had a military helicopter land in your back garden in the dark then?


From memory (with all of its failings) JATE inspect all HLS used and operated by BritMil, the British Helicopter Advisory Board inspect and lay down criteria for civvy ones (including oil rigs) on behalf of CAA. Try posting your question on the Rotorheads forum at Pprune.
As mentioned earler ATP49 is the publication for military HLS set up, as for civil helipads the BHAB provide guidance documents and advice.
The publication for the set up of Helipads is the ICAO heliport manual and ICAO annex 14 volume 2 this document will cover all requirements when setting up a helipad/heliport. The CAA SRG would regulate the operations being conducted. Information on safety and specialist operations are available through various CAPs.
If anyone would like advice on this matter please private message me and i can give you my contact details.
The military get different dispensation for certain things i.e. only need to have 10' from rotor tips in HLS, 30' when transit flying, dont need twin radios to fly airways etc. There are a few reasons for that 1. the military are trained and used to working to different limits out of a requirement to fight wars. 2. The government dont like spending money on upgrading and changing aircraft. They own the CAA so therefore can put a bit of pressure to give them different rules to save LOTS of money. 3 Military aircraft are operated very differently from civvies, most of our job during war is to hide from radar and not be seen i.e fly low, fast, using ground cover and at night. Civvies are the complete opposite they get very twitchy when they cant be seen.

Built up areas need to be avoided by 500 or 1000' depending what helicopter your flying, however individual houses in the country only need to be avoided by 30', HOWEVER, military aircrew have an almost paranoid fear of flying over houses and getting a low flying complaint. Every time im flying every effort is taken to avoid overflying, houses, horses, people, livestock etc. etc. Anything that could get a complaint WILL be avoided if at all possible. Believe me having been interviewed by the police for a low flying complaint and in front of my boss its not something anybody wishes to experience.

The rules regarding night flying are quite long and in depth, depends exactly what you mean by rules.

Not really a fantstic answer but i hope it gives you an insight.

Oh and incase your wondering we were found to be operating within our authorisation and nothing more came of it.

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