HK G11

Wasn't that given the arrse years ago because the propellant wouldn't ignite reliably enough? (quite a problem in a weapon with no ejection port) Recoil looked a bit brisk too.
Was it a good clip? Pootube won't work for me for more than 3-5 seconds (I just expressed my displeasure by sneezing wad on the screen. "Take that, Spawn of Astaroth!")

F*cking technio...computropoot...shiny thing.
had live fire on all HE weapons the other week. Got 2 weekend of Urban coming up. What unit you in?
None at present- ex QUR Aslt Pnr, training up to re-enlist. I'm so far out of touch that I'm not even sure that QUR exists anymore. Last I heard- several years ago- all the Offr Cdt functions were going to RMC. Bet that's screwed the Uni recruitment figures! (mind you, we didn't get interesting training like Urban- or anything else, for that matter)
isn't there probs wiyh heat build up? turns out most of the heat in a gen is taken out with the case.


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