HK 416 .22 lr

After serious shooting its no secret I like a bit of a blatt with a fun gun. For a while this has worked the opposite way with misfires, misfeeds and mishaps with the GSG5.

The GSG-5 has gone into York Guns for the last time. Split bolts, cracked breeches, you name it, German engineering has fucked it up. Anyway, after threatening the importer with trading standards and demanding that the firearm wasn't fit for purpose they have refunded me for the rifle I bought 3 years ago at todays market prices!!! Result!!

Therefore, if anyone has a GSG-5 and wants any parts that make it look 'pimped' let me know and you can have them. There are tactical handguards, cqb sights, all sorts of walty kit that look awesome but you'll never ever use.

Moving on......

I need a replacement. I've got a spikes tactical AR-15 but with the heavy barrel from NW custom guns, but thats not really a 'fun gun' so have opted for a HK416 in .22lr

If I'm honest I bought it without much research, assuming that Umarex/ Walther wouldn't get license for one of it was as much of a bag of shit as the GSG-5

Has anyone got one, heard any feedback about them?


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There's a couple of blokes use them at my club and both love them. I've had a go and it's pretty good, but I'm staying clear. They get through ammo likes it's free.
I can get Thunderbolt for about £1.05 for 50 so its not too bad.

Do they get any misfires, light strikes etc?

The hammer on the GSG had, like nothing Ive ever owned, a very lazy hammer action. It didn't fly forward with a crisp, it was very spongey and creepy.
these are semi-auto? and UK legal?

Ever since abandoning the US and my large gun collection i've hankered for something fun to shoot with, I was under the impression all I could get was a bolt action or shotgun.


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Nope, perfectly UK legal. Providing it has a certain length barrel and certain overall length, you can have any semi-auto .22LR rifle.

I've got a friend with a S&W MP15-22, he loves it. No experience of the HK416-22, would love to have a go with one though!


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I'm not sure what they put through it but it seems to be higher power loads than the cheap Eleys I shoot. I can't remember them complaining about misfires. They're more like moonies in shouting the virtues of the rifles. One of the guys also has a GSG-5 and he's getting rid of that.
I tried to remain loyal to the GSG, God knows why it continually let me down. When its a wind down shoot and a bit of fun I ended up wanting to smash the back stop with the butt, well I would if it wouldn't have fallen apart.

I've owned some strange firearms in the past 25 years, but that has got to be the worst. If I'm honest I don't think I've ever fired a single magazine without at least two dramas.

On the other side, the spikes AR-15 has had about 5000 rounds through it and has only had two misfires and I put that down to cheap thunderbolt ammo.
The S&W MP15-22 has a working bolt release catch instead of the dummy on the HK416 22LR so you can carry out correct drills and use it as a training rifle, useful when L85A2 is replaced (for the 20 blokes and a small dog that the British Army will reduce to...)

That and the "slightly" cheaper price makes it more attractive.

The HK licence and overall looks of the 416 are very impressive though.....


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Got to fondle one today.. Very nice. Was sorely tempted, but at £695 I'd sooner plump for a 5.56 rifle (S/H AR15s go for around that, if you're lucky!)

Edit: And got to shoot one today! Very nice, although I'd probably get some rail covers if I were to get one.. I put a magazine of American Eagle through it with no dramas..
They've gone down well in septicland (I r perusing getting wun as a toy). One of the main reasons for their popularity and purchase is the rising cost of ammo here, .22 now costs around $6 - $7 for 100 - that though is compared to +$40'ish per 100 for 5.56mm and $25 per 100 for 9mm.

Lots are also paying the price to bolt silencers to their gats in order to make a .22 appear really ally.


Hi may be a bit late with this thread, but will say it anyway. I have a HK416D, its great shoots most types of HV.22 however I always use Mini Mag as although a little more expensive I have found it to be very reliable. The rifle is accurate and although has a slightly heavier trigger performs flawlessly. With the Pictinny rails all round you can stick whatever you want on it. I am loving mine..
I do also have a GSG5 so if you still have those bits would be interested. my to date has been fine..

Happy Shooting......

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