Hizzhutchies going for SAS.................wot the F**k

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by one_twothree_one, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Why oh why? Picked up the scum today whilst visiting the docs and read an alarming article...2 bitches went for SAS selection, went all the way and then got dropped at the eleventh hour because the government had watched GI Jane too many times and thought it was a bloody good idea. Its no place for a woman. Women find it hard enough doing the washing, cleaning, ironing and changing diapers let alone killing fcuking idiotic men when hormonal. But the rest of the article suprised me considerable....an Asian lady was the other "guinea pig" in this "GI Jane experiment" but how the fcuk did they carry "That" bergen on "those"marches/tabs/exercises because sweet be jesus i'd like to know what the secret is....................or did they have "bird" times to complete everything....men...5hrs 50 mins women 8hrs 59mins mmmmmmmm I wonder. But the most shocking revelation of that article was that andy mcknob said "Anybody, man or woman, who gets that that far in selection has my full admiration. It's my belief they should be given a chance to serve their country" mmmm wonder how he might of felt if a bint was in his squad....Bravo Two Zero might have read quite differently.......jerk. Its no place for a woman and thats the way it should stay.
  2. Yes,but do you think women should be allowed in the SAS?
  3. I'm with 1231 on this. Well done for having the plums to post it.
  4. What, you mean it would have been a fcuk up? Oh, hang on it was.

  5. I think random task, if you looked at my last sentence it would possibly answer your question. But for clarification no.
  6. I've never read Bravo, wouldn't lower myself to do so, husband would put lumps on me but I was just trying to put across a point from his statement. That was all. A tit I'm not.
  7. So you're an uphill gardener then?
  8. Dont make a comparison with something you have neither read or know anything about.

    I agree ref your sentiment though. Birds should only serve in an office or cookhouse.

  9. how did a bird get that close.

    someone out there must have the info...

    its gotta be a sham i tell thee!
  10. I'm not convinced of this at all pics in the sun etc, not they way 'they' do things. Mrs Lev bit of right on fem, but still believes the difference between the species. Now, honey trap for intel, their gonna win everytime!
  11. Thank God that some of us in this world are not as narrow minded as you.
  12. Blow me, poindexter.
  13. Maybe the scum have been embellishing the truth a little. I do know that at least 3 women have attempted the selection in the TA version of the sas. Only one got close though and then moved countries.

    If they have actually told the truth for once and a couple of women have gone through selection then fair play to them for having the guts to even attempt it. But have they have obviously gained their places at the expense of other soldiers just so the government can appear pc.

    Even so, I do agree with the sentiment expressed on here. Women don't have a place in the SAS
  14. Quite right!

    For one they can't grow a proper gringo tache (although Ive met a few who can, mainly loggie type dykes).
  15. Mind you for a short 'period' every month, they can kill every mother f*cker on the planet!