HIV - Buttock Branding

"I dare you!"
rape me , u WILL die , no really you will
You could use the aerosol stuff they use on horses. it leaves a freeze dry type brand


Book Reviewer
a biohazard sign?

and as for the original story - why not just get the muppets to stop sh*gging anything that moves and use the odd rubber jonnie now and again? no-one to blame but themselves imo.
A simple no entry sign with a skull and crossbones would be sufficient and work internationally. No language difficulties that way.

I think its an excellent idea and might even be quite effective!
Need a hell of a big set of buttocks to print the full Risk Assesment on it.
Ring of Fire.

They should brand all Irish children too as a sort of 'scarecrow' for paedo priests.
I used to be an altar boy
cernunnos said:
Why not just weld the f'cking thing shut?
Because in Africa most of it seems to go through the front door.
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