HIV/AIDS in Ukraine

Had a read through Nursing Standard yesterday and saw an article on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine. They have a 1% infection rate the is set to reach 2% by 2014.

I don't have the article with me and can't remember the g/f's sign in details for their websites but the statistics were shocking. If there are any QA's on that can post the article that would be great, as I wont be able to for a few days.

Was the common knowledge around these parts or is this a surprise to every one?

HIV capital of europe, in my line of work we have always taken more intreast in northern europeans than others.

If I remember right almost half million infected individuals.
1% rising to 2 % by 2014

May I suggest you look at the rates for Sub Saharan African Countries, and ask "why are we not recruiting from Ukraine instead?"

Pox Dr knows that contact with CSW's from Eastern Europe is not a major concern in comparison with the current Military recruiting policy, even though the CA (any idiot can give a pill, condoms used correctly when not drunk) raised this issue years ago (quite rightly).

CA GUM foresaw the potential problems and offered workable solutions, but PC attitudes by the powers-that-be ignored his warnings: the Army (particularly) reap what they sow.
Not quite the same I know but since the mid 90's the porn capital has been Prague and other former soviet country's are all jumping on the bandwagon. $100 for a film....more than a soviet doriski could earn in a year on a till at teskov. NO standards of hiv/aids testing and the performers are not always in a position to argue, as the standard of information is akin to the UK in the 80's .

It's a tragic case of lack of education.

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