Hitting small children !!!!

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32 Of the little buggers. lol picking up kid and throwing them @ his mates - quality!
It seems to me, that since capital punishment, parental, schools or the ultimate, discipline has fallen by the wayside, they all think they can get away with murder. It's about time adults took back the initiative.

Or the stocks, or ducking chairs, or burning at the steak, ahem, off I go again. I am now going to take my pills and chill.

Seriously though, the other day, when kids were meant to be at school, I witnessed about five herberts, of school age throwing crisps at each other in the town centre. Some of them (Crisps), went onto a big blokes clothes. He challenged them, quite angrilly and they just told them to 'Go away'. They then hounded him, following him along the street making his life a misery. They only stopped when a policeman came into view.

It's about time kids were again seen and not heard. Parents don't make it any easier and I have used this phrase on this site before, but they become a human version of 'Alien' as soon as you challenge the behaviour of their little darlings.

Things to my mind, must change, before people start to take things into their own hands.
Only 23 .. disappointed with that.
How long is it, before an adult reacts that badly, he kills a kid, and later claims that given the recent pack mentallity of youths, which has resulted in deaths of adults, made them fear for their safety and ultimately react.

I am not a small bloke, but recently, 3 oiks in a car, (Aged under 20), thought it would be fun to try and run me off my bike, whilst I was cycling back from the gym. They of course were recording it on their mobile phone for prosperity or YouTube.

Stupidly, I turned around and high tailed it after the car on my bike. The car stopped. All the windows were down, and the occupants thought it would be funny to spit all over me.

Other than damaging their car, there was not a lot I could do. So rode off. (Before anyone makes any 'I would of comments'), I was at the time in the middle of the selection process for the police service and was concerned that any adverse reaction would affect my application. So I reluctantly walked away.

These people are nothing but animals and need to be treated as such.
Only 22, very disappointing. Clearly not the evil hearted bitch I thought I was.

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